Rage Quit Central, Bring all your 2016 - 2017 rage quit videos here!

hey, to everyone that had some pretty funny rage quits and all, why not post some of them here

here is my Rage quit Chronicles by Kim Wu herself


They did know that Kim Wu’s jump attack can be blocked once they get up don’t they?

As a Sadira main, if I was to post vids of every RQ on here, I’d have a web series.


Uh, no.

Hmmm… I have to say I’ve never rage quit any game in my life so unfortunately I can’t contribute. I’ve never understood it. :slight_smile:

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No… he is talking about ppl rage quitting on him. Ppl that quit when YOU beat them so bad and you xbox record that.

Pun intended? :joy:

Also, I can kind of sympathise with the people quitting after the Ultra hits about 93 hits…sometimes people are just sick of seeing constant, repeated Ultras, which was most of the content of this video.

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Since I am a Gargos Main I will be having a web show right about now and I don’t have footage for it.

are you saying that because of the Intro?

They did, but I made them scared to try since I can fake them out and grab them

well given how some people always wanna do the same things themselves, they should expect something like that to happen, plus that’s how I make sure they know who they are dealing with when they pull off ■■■■■■■■ tactics

I’m just not the guy who respects celebrating someone getting frustrated.


It’s more like putting people on blast for trying to be slick then not taking the L

That’s…not much different.

The only “bullshit” tactics in this game is when people cheat to win, such as using lag.

If you feel that something is broken then talk about it on the forums. You’ll generally find more than enough people to help you out with an MU.

For myself, I never waste time on performing lone Ultras. I want to get to the next match. :smiley:

This is flaming other players. At least blur names.

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SO… next time your Glacius frustrates my Sadira, you’ll let me… … … win? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a concrete difference in my eyes between frustrating someone and celebrating or enjoying the fact that you are frustrating someone.

Because the latter is always intentional.

I was of course, being sarcastic. :smiley:

Does it have to be Killer Instinct? Only asking cause it’s in General.