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40 secs of introduction lol

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Considering the crossups you have done, its no secret that cross-ups tends to get people off gaurd

You liked my Intro that much?

I think what he’s getting at, is 40 seconds of intro on a video that’s 3 minutes and 14 seconds long, followed by a 20-or-so second outro doesn’t leave much video to watch at all, for a “compilation” there are like 4 matches and that’s it, in 3 of which the “rage quit” happens after the match has ended, during the Ultra.

Then there’s the huge water mark covering a good portion of the right side of the screen, so I wouldn’t give up your day job just yet. :wink:


Boy howdy, I had a Gargos RQ on me today. Considering I was using Sadira, I must had really made him hot. He then sent me a message and asked me to do a First to 5, and I obliged, thinking that it might had been accidental, and after winning two matches, he RQed again.

I love the pain I cause. :stuck_out_tongue: