Rage 2

What do you guys think of it? I’m quite excited, I like the first Rage despite its flaws. My brother and one of my friends are excited too!

I can’t wait until tomorrow when we get gameplay!
Btw. did anyone notice at 0:16 how he is blowing $ with the pink smoke?

Trailer is kinda dumb but I’m interested to see gameplay.

I just saw a lot of post-apocalyptic people dance around with guns.
I have absolutely no idea what this is about.
I like the aesthetics though.

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Yea, the style is completly different from the first one! :smile:
It went from Mad Max, to Suicide Squad.

I never played the first one. Don’t even know what it is, tbh.


In short: A meteor crash on earth and everything went downhill.

Yeah I’d say it was more like a mixture of new Mad Max and Suicide Squad. A lot of color and punk aesthetic mixed in there with the post apocalyptic grotesquerie. I’ll be curious to see what the game turns out to be. Hopefully it’s not quite as in your face with how edgy it is like that teaser was, but I still respect what they were trying to go for there either way.

I’m hoping for a LOT more story as far as central plotline, playable and NPC development and overall lore about this world, and I’d love for it to be set in a game that hits a high bar for visual standards the way last Rage did back when it came out. That game was gorgeous. Hope this one will be too. I also want a bigger, crazier variety of weapons and ammo. Stuff to really distinguish the gunplay in this game from other titles.

But more than that, I’d really like the vehicles to play a more prominent role. If this is an FPS with minigames and side quests thrown in, some races, or whatever, I might consider it. But if they can make the racing fun, the car upgrading / customizing fun, and maybe even add more of a Twisted Metal level of quality to vehicular combat, I’d be all over that.

Also, assuming they go open world again with this, they have to bring their open world up to modern standards. Some of what it had was novel back then, kind of, but giving us tons of places to go, a variety of places to see, a massive sandbox to do stuff in, find stuff in, kill tons of different varieties of stuff in… I’m really hoping they can deliver on that front.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Rage making a return, so hopefully it can really advance what it did well in the last game while making some huge strides in the places that might not be as up to today’s standards as one might expect. Either way, I’m excited to see what they have to show off tomorrow!

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What kind of game is it? Is it an RPG, like Skyrim and Fallout? Or is it more a typical shooter? What genre is this? What do you do in this game?

It’s a open world shooter, kinda like Far Cry I would persume.

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Ahhh, okay. So, not for me. A shame, I quite like the aesthetics.

Avalanche Studios, who made Just Cause and Mad Max, is working on this game with id Software.
I don’t think you have to worry about the open world and the driving.
But I can agree with everything you said!

To be honest, when I saw the leak I was afraid it would be a Reboot or a Sequel in name only.
But I’m pleasantly surprised that it is a real sequel!

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I’m going hold back until I see gameplay. I never played Rage but it being an id software game I can tell that it had pretty stellar engine, visuals, and probably shooting for the time. I’ve heard it streches itself a bit thin with multiple ideas and the story is a bit weak.

If the next game looks fun to play, I’ll look into it.

I liked the 1st one so I imagine I’ll check this one out.

i really liked the 1st one. excited for this one!

The Gameplay trailer just dropped!

Looks great, but I don’t know how to feel about those Destiny-like abilities. :thinking:

looks pretty sweet, give a super charged muscle car and im there day 1 lmao

Played the first RAGE, liked the gameplay and aesthetics of the world, but felt short because the story and setting wasn’t strong to keep me interested.

But now, I’m a little skeptical about this sequel’s direction. It’s too colorful and probably a little more eccentric to where it hardly feels like a sequel. I’m getting more of a Borderlands vibe despite not playing that series.

I respect your opinion but as someone who played all Borderlands games, I don’t think this feels like one.
Borderlands goes more crazy with their enemies, weapons, and vehicles, while RAGE 2 seems to be more down to earth, yet the gameplay looks more dynamic and fluent than any Borderlands game I played.
I bet it’s more like Far Cry but I hope it won’t have the typical open world problems.

I see. But just to be a little more clear on what I meant when I mentioned Borderlands, it was mostly by how colorful and weird the aesthetics on RAGE 2 looked at a glance that it involuntary brought Borderlands to mind. Of course, I’m probably looking at this wrong, but that’s on me.