RAAM's Instinct

RAAM’s damage can be insane during his instinct, there has been multiple occasions where I’ve cashed out 97% off a counter. Although it’s insanely gratifying, is it a bit much? As the RAAM player, you already have the tool of cloaking your moves during instinct, giving you the ability of opening up your opponent with ease. Do you think it’s balanced? Why or why not?

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I think it’s a nice comeback tool. However if I were the developers id track how much this instinct is being used and how it affects the community. If it is to strong, they may dial back the white life a little.

That’s RAAMs design by nature. I don’t main RAAM but my experience of leveling him up to 50 showed me how he fares up to the cast.

You see 97% damage as broken in two bars of shadows and mainly heavies, but that’s because you caught people pushing buttons. RAAM has decent manuals, one linker and three animated auto doubles. At high level, 97% is a rarity. My average is about 60-70%, which is still a lot but requires more work.

As Max said it, RAAM up close will no doubt look like the best player in the cast but at a distance he is the worst. That is his weakness and or balance of his design.


@DulXboxOne as much as I love it, I think it might need some tweaking. You’ve seen what a one chance break can do when instinct is activated.

@oTigerSpirit thanks for the input. True, at a high level, seeing high prevent damage will be unlikely. Yes, at close, he’s a powerhouse to be respected. My concern is how much potential damage is stacked while in instinct. There’s been a few players giving me flack for using RAAM, I’m assuming it’s his instinct. Calling it cheap, or annoying.

Raam’s damage output needs to be decreased.

Didn’t you message me VIA Xbox messaging the other day?

Why do you beleive his damage should be decreased?

I think it’s fine because he is at such a disadvantage when he is being zoned out. The Kryll Rush might be able to let him get in on novice players but not vs a savvy player. At least Thunder’s DP + MK when timed right can allow him to maneuver through.

Agreed, his only way of approaching is walking forward and dash canceling his shield.
Most of my games with notable players who play zoners have been 7-3. Not the best, and make it difficult to move across the screen.

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He’s a grappler. High damage is the point.

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Raam doesn’t need any nerf. High damage is his reward for dealing with all the BS just trying to get in. If anything, he need’s a slight buff to deal with certain un-winnable MUs.

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No it doesn’t. I’ve foughten a 2-star pro levels player and he got dominated. He managed to get any damage during instinct but even then it was hardly anything. Like I said, he’s pretty Garbos once you figure out how to exploit his weaknesses with your main.

Most of the characters in the game are rushdowns that had to go to fight face to face against Raam. All that BS are just 5 characters or maybe less. I dont complain about his normal damage but i dont think that his instinct is fair.

Such is the trade off playing a Grappler. MUs typically have drastic swings ether good or bad for the Grappler architype. Just because your character is “rushdown” doen’t mean you need to be in Raam’s face. Space control is most important, you will need to play your game differently aganst Grapplers.

You are right about the space control but i cant understand why he should have that instinct. I believe he should have an instinct that gives him a better mobility, there are some match against Gargos where he cant even use his instinct because he cant reach him.
Thats just my opinion but is too soon to see if Raam is good or no and i dont even use him so dont take my opinion about this character seriously.

Agreed. He balances extreme strength with extreme weakness. If one thinks RAAM is too powerful, all they have to do is observe a RAAM v Gargos or a RAAM v Glacius to learn the opposite.

The whole idea of this Instinct is to enphasize the idea that as a grappler, once you’re in, YOU DO DAMAGE. It’s the same idea as landing a few Fierce SPDs, and a Super, as Zangief since you got them stuck in the corner, but following a different set of rules because it’s a different game. If you finally get in on a zoner like Glacius or Gargos, you’re really gonna want to make it hurt because you might not get the chance to do so again. It really should be used when you start the combo too. It’s not something you just pop out in the open like most of the other characters, and the cloaking is just a bonus for during the combo so that they have a harder time figuring out what to break.


Mobility would directly contradict his archetype. He’s not a type of hybrid character like Thunder, as in he has a DP that travels full screen then is able to make it safe with a dash. RAAM just has his cancels, and that reflects his playstyle extremely well.
Then again, he is able to walk while using his focus attack while in instinct.

Great comparison, his instinct is on par with Gief’s Super, which does insane damage. It can definitely turn the tide of the game.

Every character in KI has a “yolo” move and it’s safe to say that RAAM “yolo” is his instinct. It’s his only chance to be reckless.

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dont even dream about!!! :rage: if u look no damage cast there are enought , fo once we get the S2 feeling and utry to kill that ? no way bro im sorry
let him quiet hes good like that cause this raam cannot follow his proper opener in combo cause hes too slow . no no no let him quiet please hes my reason to come back on this game after quit it begin S3
because of nerfs.;…

if there is something u can do for ur mains or main just ask @developers to buff ur cast instead or nerfs every patch but please for the god sake let raam quiet.


and we are playing killer instinct . welcom bro lol lol :grin:


Its balanced. Raam at full screen is the worst character in fighting game history. Damage only happens if he can survive the zoning to get to you.