Raam Tech Thread

Just realized Raam has no tech thread. I get he’s pretty straightforward but I’m sure there’s tech out there that people have discovered over the last two months he’s been out.


Id love to follow this thread.

Where is some footage of this sick RAAM Coach Steve’s supposed to have??

He’s so focused on mind games, that, so far at least, it seems like tech in the traditional sense is few and far between. A lot of his moves give him the upper hand in mind games, though:

  1. LK Flipout: Really, really easy to bait DPs out of characters who have them after flipout. They love it. You just hold back after flipout, then you own them for the next 1-2 seconds. This has even worked for me against people with multiple pro medals.

  2. OTG Game: Counter breakers are exceedingly reliable during the OTG game, unless the opponent is exceptional at varying up his or her combo breaker game. Patterns reveal themselves early, and then tend to persist through the match.

But anyway, there’s some basic tech that I use so far. I’ll share that here :slight_smile:

  1. Always follow cHP with medium Emergence on hit (it cancels). It goes from anti-air to anti-air+poison, and it’s pretty dirty.

  2. He has a dirty block string option that goes like this: sHP -> medium Decimation -> light command grab. It works because sHP cancels into med Decimation, then med Decimation is -3 on block, then command grab has 3 frame startup. You will beat any punish attempt that has 6 or more frames of startup. And they can’t shadow counter the command grab. That is dirty.

Basic, but still pretty cool stuff, I think.

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Regarding the ‘minus frame trap’ grab setup, MP Shank>LP Grab works, but can be stuffed by jabs. You can shorten that gap, though, to stuff all non-invincible interruptions.

HP Shank>LP Grab
MP Shank>EX Grab

Still loses to jump, invincible moves, and backdash, but is tight enough to catch anything else.

sHK -> LP grab (if you can land one sHK)

If you can bait 2 blocks with c.LP you will push the enemy where he can’t hit you with light normals and can grab him with light version.

I don’t actually think this is true. Raam can be very set play-ish in a lot of situations. His grabs knock down for predetermined lengths of time, and he has a lot of awkward jump spacings and the like that can give him unique (and repeatable) ambiguous meaties. It may not be all organized in any one location yet, but there are definitely some Raam’s out there who’ve got some legitimately airtight setups and “tech”.

You should all follow PG Coach steve, he has tech. Here is a video of how to use this kyrl shield mid combo.

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RAAM’s st.HK is active for 5 frames. That means that if you’re frame perfect on a meaty, you can have it catch pre-jump frame #4, AND backdash frame #8 with the same timing.

I haven’t found a perfect setup for it, but I’ve confirmed that it covers both options against Jago.

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There’s also a bug where you can flip out after his damage ender. It’s either ‘random’, or it’s a 1 frame window. If you do get it, it might as well be a guaranteed command grab, since it happens at a really unexpected moment.

That’s some good stuff, right there.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s found dirt with RAAM’s HK. It staggers, and thus can lead to some HUGE unbreakable damage.

If you hit with it up close or in the corner, you can connect a command grab. Light and Shadow work mid Screen, any strength will do in the corner. At minimum you’re hitting for 20%. With Kryll applied and a bar of meter, landing an HK means your foe has to suffer through 36% unbreakable pain.

And the best part? Since it’s a HDK you get a set up afterwards. And if they block the Heavy Kick, it’s +2 on block. :joy:


I use this pretty frequently. Its amazing because by the time you’re done with Shadow Command Grab, most people are really antsy to push buttons so counter-breaking the stomp afterwards is generally a good idea. I thought it wasn’t a very good string because I rarely see any Raams (I could just stop here) use it, instead going for stab after st.HK.

People tend to over-value the combo system, and under-value unbreakable burst damage. I don’t get it, but it’s a thing.

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Raam has a very good usage for manuals with his stand hk stagger. No joke he can mix it up once he lands it and that’s if you want to fish lockouts instead of decent 20% 1 chance breaks as mentioend before.

Also his shadow command grab gives him a free whatever that special he does where he AA’s with his kryll so he gets free kyrll on them

edit: Can Raam’s shadow command grab launch opponents?