Quitters are ruining it

So as far as im away you dont actually get the win for someone quitting, and new guys or people who just cant take a loss when you’re better than them just quit, ive had about 10 times now where they quit just as im about to land the final blow, does this actually count towards me having a win or what? becuause trying to get these ranked win achivements is taking me a bit longer than id like as im on the last couple characters and i’m terrible with them as i’ve had no practice. the penalty for quiting needs to be harsher like ranked lockout for a set amount of time or something, while its great i get the points, against average players its not really worth it, im ranked gold and pretty much cant get higher than about 200 points and accepted it, but when it means i have to take longer for my ranked wins etc its annoying

no they get their losses, you don’t… I have had that happen, unfortunately I have had issues where KI crashes on me, which stinks because I get the loss :frowning: but I agree folks tapping out is lame, but don’t worry for certain they get the L… not you:)

yeah I know they get their loss since my gmaes crashed a few times or its just quit me out for no reason, but we dont get our win either, even if im clearly winning when they quit, thast the worst thing. some characters im doing like 100 mathes with just to get 20 ranked wins becuause shadow jago is a nightmare to fight against aswell with his dissappearing.

You do get the win if someone quits. Just look at your ranked points after returning to ranked. However idk if the achievement counts those wins.

see what would be nice in an update would be to only play with select season players, we know only the hardcore will buy season 3, ive yet to see a quitter use a season 2 character so must be the free gold users, at least that way we could practice against new characters online as well, pretty sick of jago and sabrewulf

I generally don’t have people RQ on me. But it does happen. Of late though KI has been crashing a lot though. I had it randomly reboot on me twice. The first match I lost all control of my char and then it rebooted. The second time it crashed right before the second match animation.

Don’t be quick to judge a person as an RQr. If some one does, don’t fret. It just means that you successively annoyed them. :slight_smile: you get the win.

Far as I know, it counts towards the achievements.


This is guaranteed to never happen. The devs have repeatedly said they don’t want to separate their player base, and they’ve even allowed Combo Assist in Ranked to keep everyone playing together so yea…

Interesting. I haven’t had a legit rage quit in a very long time. Had a few people quit out at character select instead of suffering through a rematch, but quitting out in the middle of a fight it pretty rare I find.

They do; I’ve been able to get both my ranked win and 20 ranked wins achievments that way. :wink:

Haven’t had a rage quit but maybe because am killer ranked. I even double ultra this guy who was tea bagging me the entire match yet he didt quit.

Whatever is causing these rage quits I blame Halo 5.

I cant seem to break gold 200+ points :frowning: really annoying ill win against a few killer ranks to get a bunch of points, then a few average players and then just get destroyed back to 0, dont really care for rank as such, just want the achivement, its not like im a bad player either I just have a consistent win win win, loss loss loss for some reason haha

I mainly want it just to play against some new characters, I think i’ve seen one aria online would love to play against her a bit more, even if i lose she offers a bit of challenge still, not many maya either which is a shame becauase them 2 characters play so different to everyone else.

I feel your pain, in fact most of us probably do. We all want character variety in our opponents but that rarely happens. I played a lot of Thunders and Jagos in my Ranked climb. As you play more and more you might find you stop caring about characters and just want to get better against everyone.
I played against you the other day with my Hisako (you were playing Cinder IIRC) so its safe to kinda assume you are in or around my region which means you’re also likely to see several CAM-enabled players using Jago. Bear with it, it’ll be over soon, S3 is coming.
As for playing differently, everyone in this game plays differently (with some similarity between the “shotos”) so any match-up can be a challenge.

Rage quit! I find them quite amusing though XD I mean, I’m not a rude player at all, but when they get mad like that is kind of funny. Imagine if you were at the arcade and the guy who is losing just leaves the stick…Now that I think of it, it happened me once 0_o

The level of frustration must be quite untolerable for them. I prefer to end the match and then calm down. I almost had a lame quit, but then I adjusted and keep on fighting.

Don’t worry, as everybody said, you get the win. But I’ve felt the pain of getting disconnected and got the lose, and it’s worst when you are winning and this happens! =(

Same. if I’m going down, Im going down fighting.

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That’s one of the reasons I usually end an ultra quickly, but if its been a good fight where its neck and neck ill do double ultra’s just becauase why not.

Ah yeah your name rings a bell, I was so terrible with cinder I’ve had next to no practice with him, hisako can be fun to play against, her pause mid combo can really put someone off from countering.

I did bad today. I pride myself in taking my losses like a man, I will never quit mid match ever unless there is stupid lag but today I messed up :confused:

See I have limited time to play during weekdays (sometimes as little as an hour) and I played this guy today and it was a really good match, I was actually looking forward to rematching him but then he did this uber long ridiculous Ultra and I had to quit as it just wouldn’t end.

Idk, I usually don’t ever ever do this and I don’t plan on it again but I simply just wasn’t going to waste my already limited time this evening watching this guy do a triple or full ultra or w.e when I could be getting on to the next match. I feel sh*** about it but damn, I just wasn’t going to do it.

Please forgive me

If it makes you feel any better, the game is officially over after an ultra gets popped, so this doesn’t even get counted on the internal side as a “rage quit”. Game was already done; you’re under no obligation to watch them maul your dead corpse for an extra minute and a half.

Oh this was just exhibition, if it was ranked I would have just dealt with it because I don’t play ranked unless I know I can have a decent session anyway. Idk what my deal was , thats really out of character for me, thats why I came here to confess my sin (Mira voice) :joy: