Quick Shadow Lords Difficulty Question

Hi all. I know I’ve not been active on here frequently for a long time. :slight_smile: But I return briefly to say that not only am I still playing KI (played just the other day against @Jukesy1992 in fact), but I’m currently running through Shadow Lords during my live streams with sighted assistance to try and unlock the Astral Plane as well as work towards those final few illusive achievements to 100% the game eventually.

My only concern is this: When myself and the sighted streamer/collaborator I’m working with started this playthrough, I have no memory of what difficulty we set it on and I wondered if there was a way to check within the UI, given you can only unlock the Astral Plane on challenging? I’m planning to finish the current run on Wednesday, 19:00 GMT so any answers in advance of that would be greatly appreciated either way.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Fight On!

I personally don’t know of a way to check directly, but if you’re only playing on Normal, outside of the Omens and Gargos, there shouldn’t be any fights rated harder than 3 stars. At least that’s what I found on the 39 turns of my recent Normal playthrough.

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Thanks for the reply, surprised I never got an email about this response. :slight_smile:
I’ve actually now accomplished my objective anyway, but really appreciate you taking the time to clarify.

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Are you trying to get everything in Shadow Lords to complete it. Just so you know, if I recall correctly, the full completion percentage is 106%, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe 107%. I can check when I get home if you want to know. If not, then enjoy the rest of your time with Shadow Lords! Love that mode. While I wish they could’ve expanded upon with more lore, more missions, etc, what we got was still pretty awesome IMO.

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