Quick Question in the Glacius and eyedol matchup

not sure if this should be here but it is related to glacius specifically.
has anyone found a counter to eyedol jumping hp. I feel like i have no answer to it and i just have to keep blocking any suggestions or info?

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When he jumps in try puddle punch. I had a Glacius shut down my jump ins as Eyedol with just that.

really? i’ve tried that maybe it was the light or medium one i’ll have to try it

It’s too strong so it will probably get nerfed. Remember to have as much hail as possible over your head. A timed puddle punch could help but it also depends on where Eyedol is hitting you exactly (if it’t a meaty of if he is just starting the j.hp animation) .

Too strong? I almost never hit with Eyedol’s j.HP (w). I find that I have to jump really high for it to even come out since it cancels out if I do it lower to the ground, which only makes it great as an air-to-air move. I have a lot more success with j.MP (w), and especially j.MK for crossups.

Then that’s kind of on you - Eyedol’s jump+HP is a stupidly good button, and hits pretty far outside most characters’ effective AA ranges.

I would think that puddle punch would have to be your best option here. Hail is good to keep around as well, but remember that the trade (at least life wise) is not in your favor if Eyedol manages to hit you in spite of it being out. He’s happy to trade with hail all day if he can get the jump+HP to still hit you.

So I’m guessing I’m not the only one having problems with it. As for hail it’s definitely not worth it and puddle punch I haven’t tested the light or medium versions so I’m sure. They probably will get beaten out as well

I doubt eyedol’s j.hp will get nerfed. What I do see getting a nerf is his medium lightning maybe.

For what I saw in the lab the time to puddle puch is really tricky. You must perform the puddle punch the moment he jumps because if the hit is already on you it won’t work at all. And that hit it’s op. I put the IA to make neutral jump HP and repeat another J.HP making a 2 hit combo. I can’t block and punish the second hit, but I can block and perform qcb+mk and go under him with cold shoulder=\

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Well he can only preform his j.hp on the way up or near/at the peak of his jump. anything lower and he gets nothing.

Add to that it counts as a medium for priority, can’t forget that.

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I imagine not. I don’t play Glacius, but Hisako has trouble AA’ing it as well. It comes so high in the jump that if he does anything else, then I just whiffed a very slow normal for nothing and am about to be punished. It’s kind of like Raam’s body splash attack - it extends Eyedol’s range really far outside what you’d expect, and makes what should be a simple AA a lot trickier depending on spacing.

You can’t puddle punch it, at least not easily. Puddle punch is vulnerable for like a frame or two before the hitbox actually comes out, and Eyedol’s jumping HP will always catch that frame regardless of which strength you do. If you want puddle punch to work you basically have to time it a little late so that you perfectly dodge Eyedol’s j.HP active frames. It’s way too difficult to be a viable answer though. Basically Glacius is screwed without meter.

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Try to trigger the puddle punch as the club is coming down so you can dodge it with the invulnerability frames. You may even trip guard him and get a combo, but that’s probably unlikely.

Well eyedol has to have something decent in his arsenal.

Psh…Eyedol’s already got a lot of stuff that’s “decent” in his arsenal. He doesn’t need that hella ambiguous, range-extending jump+HP to make him good, much less viable.

I’m not convinced by it. Feels like a watered down pizza cutter.

Ambiguous? It’s not a crossup, is it?

I think it can cross up actually, but that’s not what I meant by ambiguous. He can hit you with it from pretty far away, and has to do it so early in his jump that it’s surprisingly difficult to AA. To catch it you have to throw out your normal as he’s going up or peaking on his jump. If he decides to do anything else, you’ve whiffed your normal and will probably get clipped by whatever button he decides to come down with. At least with Hisako, who’s down+HP has a ton of recovery.

Considering he has to do it early, can’t you punish him when he lands? Or does it have too much blockstun?

Yeah it’s a cross-up. But it’s a weird one. It’s pretty obvious however.