Quick honest question about shago

In your honest experience how often have you run into shadow jago players who think they are amazing for just spamming projectiles and randomly throwing special moves and dashes extremely often

Ps… The real post I made was an opinion article and I understand that it was stupidly long. Also I never proofread because I’m lazy and I like to type words and not have worry about periods.

That is a serious wall of text. Not many will even attempt to read that… I know I won’t.

lol XD it’s just an opinion “article” basically on shadow jago and the casual player

Go back and add empty lines between paragraphs. And some punctuation. Please.

You really need to go back in your mind to when you were in elementary and middle school and remember how to properly punctuate and paragraph sentences. On topic though, I read most of this and even though you say you barely lose to Shago’s who play like you described after reading it all my conclusion is you are just salty you keep getting bodied by what you call casuals.

I do agree casual v casual Shago is pretty good but if you are a half way decent player almost everything Shago has is very unsafe. I mained Shago for awhile even though right now I do not really have a “main”. I play a couple people my Shago is lv 50 and on my road getting there and afterwards learning all his stuff execution wise and visually it is easy to fight Shago. Glacius use his iceball on the ground to make Shago jump, shoulder charge to get close. If he slides block and punish with whatever, if he does the tele dive kick catch him with a shatter everytime after blocking unless he does the surged version. I don’t play Glacius but that is what good ones do against me when I use Shago. Learn to adapt.

If your point is that it ruins learning the proper fight game for casuals to get to a truly competitive level then oh well. If someone wants to win by spamming with Shago and not get good at the game or learn fundamentals that is on them just get your wins and do you. People always play how they want here or in any other game that is just how it is.

Let’s get this out of the way right away and it is not meant to be mean but I stop caring about how I type through text messages or online a long time ago because I don’t like to proofread. i have terrible memory, I barely can remember peoples name so remembering to go back and fix things isn’t priority 1 anymore. I even forget to type words into sentences, even write them sometimes and yet i was still asked throughout my high school years to go to A.P. English which i decline because I just wanted to get that class over with and move to art every year except for my sophomore year. I surprisingly also had a special essay that every english class took and I got one of the highest scores including grammar without even trying. Heck i forgot to put a word in one of my comic pieces in my art class. Funniest thing ever when your character says “wait can teleport?!” I forgot the “you” XD I just stopped caring about grammar unless it’s something i’m completely serious about or dedicated to then I truly care about it and fix the errors. This isn’t one of those things, this is casual.

as for me being salty. i’m salty that i’m bored of the same thing every time. I win often against shadow jago it’s just a matchup i know and i get tired of dealing with. Have i lost to that strategy before yeah i have but i usually do something different in order to figure out some new options like i found out you can shoulder rush to get out of the heavy air punch and it knocks shadow jago down without exchanging. I did not know that until about 2 weeks ago before I use to just block it until they did something else or i let them hit me. When you face the same thing over and over again you get bored with it. Put it simply I want a challenge rather then a free game. For example I faced GutterMagic about 3 weeks ago and he choose Shadow Jago and i was excited and ready to go but it wasn’t that thrilling of a match and i won. Am i saying he’s bad not at all. I sent him a tweet saying gg and i need to learn how to play against your thunder right away and he obliged and i faced him again and i did terrible. I forget how many things thunder has because of poor matchup knowledge and that’s why i like those games instead. Playing against the same character doing the same strategy over and over again makes me hate the character a bit. Some try to change it up but i adapt to them right away because i already know what they want to do because they all do the same thing in my book. Maybe i am putting too much emphasis on this but it’s because i’m trying to get better i’m pushing myself and i love the thrill of a great game especially knowing my opponent might be experiencing the same thing but there’s times when i’m facing them and they could beat putting their all into it and I’m barely trying and more often then not it’s usually against shadow jago. I don’t hate casuals not at all because some of them teach you things. I’m a casual smash bros 4 player and i taught a competitive player how to do a roy chain grab (is it good no but it’s an example of what i mean). I just hate seeing such boring casual play or playing against it. It’s what got me out of marvel vs capcom 3 and i loved that game… well that and foot dives and top tier crud.

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Frankly, if you are winning - take the win and move on. Most people do, and I find it very difficult to believe that you are really on here complaining about all the matches you win. That’s not very likely.

You have a lot of interesting opinion presented as fact. I don’t know if any of the players I play “think they are amazing.” very few of them get on the mic and say “I am amazing.” I would just assume that they are spamming fireballs and dive kicks because they are trying to win. Again, most people don’t sit in front of their TV worrying that the opponent they just beat might “think they are amazing” for losing…

Shadow Jago is a joke and a spamming character for casual players.

Shago and Glacius just show me that KI is not that great and serious as a “Fighting Game”.

Same for Riptor 100% gimmick character, like her flip flap is unreactable…

There is too much BS, unreactable, unplayable, unpunishable, unblocable…, in this game.

They say KI is well fair and ballanced, let’s go you can pick up any character and win ! No way lol or surely not in Season 2.

Most of the time you don’t fight against the player online, but you are fighting against a match up.

Yo “Glacius” in wich kind of world you see a “fighting game”, where you can’t stay on the ground and can’t jump ? But most of all this character has an armor too ??? Just wtf man.

You can stay on the ground or jump against Glacius. Name me something that is unreactable and unblockable and unpunishable. Oh wait. If it is unreactable/unblockable,it is punishable.


Im pretty tired of fighting Shago’s too…yeah I loose against them a lot too. And its annoying when they excessively taunt and pizza cutter jump attack everything. Then they TB and taunt like they are just so awesome of a player. It is very annoying… beating them brings much satisfaction!

I personally like to counter pick with Shago and use their own antics against them lol…sometimes it doesnt work and they taunt and TB even more lol…whatever… I just like to play against good friendly competition.

I can beat them but they can be quite a pain. His slide kick comes out so fast, and I expect it so I kind of remain crouch blocked, but as soon as I do that BAM teledive kick lol so then I will get conditioned to expect the dive kick…BAM super fast slide kick I can’t seem to block comes out lol my reactions and blocking are getting better but it is still quite the challenge lol


It’s the pizza cutter that keeps me locked down…then the throws into counter breaker


Yeah man he can be annoying. It also doesn’t help that his air sword slash or w/e seems to always have priority. I think its just a basic air heavy but no matter what it seems to beat out my air heavys every time lol

It beats everything! Unless you have a DP and not many have that option…I know I dont with Omen. I can use Light Orda shield but it trades hits and we end up close and both in recovery which still gives him a 50/50 option and Omen without a quick over head…its a tough battle.

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Yeah it sucks lol I can probably anti air him with the upward sword slash if I time it right but when we are in an air to air situation he always wins lol

Shago is just a bad Fulgore

Fulgore =
More damage
Better zoning
Better mix ups
Better "surge"
Better instinct for both meter gain and Hype beam/annhilation

Shago is faster than Fulgore but that’s about it

Someone’s salty :smirk:

But for a character you can neither remain grounded against nor jump away from, look no further than Zangief in SF4 and SF5. He has highly damaging moves to punish both options, and his gameplan largely revolves around making you afraid and choosing the wrong one as a result.

Well aside from people complaining about punctuation, which is a tad ridiculous. I will actually address your post, shout-outs to those who did. Side note though, when did you guys suddenly become GG? That’s his thing - let him address grammar and punctuation.

Anyway, it seems as if a majority of Shagos play the character very spammy. It either goes, Heavy Divekick (crossup), slide or projectiles. I don’t see a lot of crazy tech like I first did when the character first came out, which I actually didn’t like at first. Sort of ironic how the thing I didn’t like much about Shago is now the thing I want to return lol.

I have only met a handful of great Shagos one of which is @RGLOfficial, who plays a very defensive style that is unlike his character yet still great and tough without succumbing to spam. I’ve met some others who used great juggles also and relied little on spamming his crazy tools. If you play Thunder, you will have the toughest time winning against spam. So if you have a character with fair tech or ways to avoid and get in, you can find a way to stop him from spamming.

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Shago can get damage. Just off juggles. Zoning is debatable. Mixups sure. Better surge is debatable. Instinct is equal IMO.