Quick honest question about shago

What is the “pizza cutter” people are referring to?

Jumping heavy punch? Divekick?

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jumping heavy punch it’s from the stream when they showed him off.

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I’m at a pretty big disconnect here then. I can’t see what’s problematic about the character.

I don’t see his jumping attack as that strong, but then again, I play Sabrewulf- a character that can anti-air a Boeing 747, so maybe it’s just me.

I don’t own the character (bug with the store or something, I haven’t been able to purchase him) but from matchup experience all his moves are quite negative on block and he has to spend meter to make them safe- and he pretty much needs that meter to make his damage better than a complete joke, so it’s a tradeoff for him.

From what I can see, his wakeup game is a bit strong, but his neutral game is crap. So I generally don’t oki him to much, and just let him get up then proceed to hang himself.

Pizza cutter isn’t that hard if you stand your ground and block it. If you block it, Shago is vulnerable for a few seconds. You can then jab the crap out of him.

In respect to the “Punctuation Situation” Truecarnage, it isn’t about forcing you to do something you don’t like, but making sure that we understand your post and the questions or feedback that you have. We don’t have the luxury of being in your head and so we can’t decifer what you intended to say, if sentences run on forever without end.

Only GG is a grammar ■■■■, and so most of us aren’t gonna wrong you for a missed word or a missing comma or period here and there, but not including any punctuation will ultimately distract people from what you are saying. And in some cases they will quit reading and move on to another thread.

Losing sucks, huh?

I think it’s probably a matter of the game being terrible rather than you needing to learn how to play the game better.

EDIT: @FallofSeraphs76 I am going to be basically out of pocket until practically the launch of S3, but I will be home for a little while between the 18th-20th. Maybe we can play some friendlies with your Omen against my Shago. I’m no Shago superstar but I do okay and maybe we can sort out some stuff you can do to counter what you see online. I can see why he would be a bad matchup for Omen, but I’m sure we can develop some tech.

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Why even block pizza cutter? It’s jumping heavy right? Just AA it like any other air attack.

I don’t get it.

As long as you’re a competent player you can get pass it. The adjustment period from a spammy Shago is quick since they don’t know how to play the game yet.

it’s not problematic it’s more or less just repetitive every shago basically plays the same in certain match ups. the pizza cutter isn’t a problem you can just aa it pretty easily but my thing is it happens all the time. So many people play him and i swear i get a lot of people who taunt and tbag with him and i don’t lose to it but it does get rather boring. they do the same thing over and over again when before i felt casual played a little bit differently with the other characters around but now they all seem to pick shago

Actually, the saying is that KI is so broken that it’s balanced. When everyone is OP, no one is.

Also, I hate Shago even though am trying to level him to 50. He has every tool in the game. He has crossovers, wakeups, projectiles, grabs, a move that straight up takes 40 percent as soon as you mess up. I hate annihilation and can’t believe people want ever character to get one. The day Kan Ra gets a move like Annihilation is the day I quit KI.

Let’s see. I use Jago and win. Wulf and win. Thunder and win. Fulgore and win. Shadow Jago and win. Riptor and win. Omen and win. Agano and win. Aria and win. Furthermore,I also lost to people who use other characters as well.

Yeah man, thanks! I lost a lot last night too, but not to Shago, this time to just Jago. Constantly jumping over my head with cross ups and 50/50.Omens Orda sheild only trades hits and kind of leaves you back at a disadvantage. Once someone gets on top of Omen he just has no way out just Shadow form and these guys were expecting that and kicked me right out of it.

Some days Im really good and some days I just get annihilated lol

Hit me up when you get back!