Do you have any plans for official mod support in the future?
Are more cosmetic options coming soon?
Can stages with sound effects not be muted when sounds are being played? Ex: In Hisako’s stage and you do an Ultra, you can’t here the rain once the ultra ends but once the opponent lands for a few sec, the rain unmutes itself.
Can we have more stages with rain?
Can we have more stages at night?
Can we have more stages?
Any new Christmas stuff?
Can we have a Christmas stage?
Can we pick stages in practice mode?
Can I get banned for 2 minutes?
Can I get unbanned after those 2 minutes?
Can we add more cinematics to Shadow Lords? I feel that some missions should have cinematics such as Shadows being released.
Can we get a stage that we can buy with Shadow Points?
Thanks for the textual stream :smiley:

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Wen will shadow lords be fixed so I can play it again? And yes I posted my question in that forum aswell allot off people have the same problem sl resets the game completely wen you load it no point on sharing old news there :grin:

Will Shadow Jago and Omen ever get accessories?? Also When will the Astral Plane ever get a dynamic background during an ultra? (By that I mean like for ex. On TJs stage a train just crashes into the arena):

Are we ever going to get a online training mode or maybe a unlimited timer on exehbition mode or something so I can practice with my friends without a time limit

Is there a small bonus for players who collect the items from Shadow Lords chests before they automatically fly towards the character? If not, could that be a possibility?

Alright! Awesome.

-I’m sure you guys have heard the relatively steady request from fans regarding stages for Mira and Eyedol. Is this still a “no go” for you guys or would you consider changing course?

-Along with more skins, people have been asking about classic stages. Any chance we get a few gussied up classic stages either as individual DLC, Shadow Lords unlockables or perhaps as premium content for the ultra pack of an as of yet unnamed season that may or may not be following season 3?

-Still loving the idea of mouthy mercenary Ben Farris losing his Cinder powers thanks to an Aria double cross (maybe she wants to build automated Cinder units based on Ben?). Is there any chance we see Pre (or post) transformation Cinder aka Ben Farris? I’m guessing you guys have the results for this question. Any chance we get this guy before an as of yet unnamed alleged season that may or may not follow season 3? Maybe as a Shadow Lords unlockable?

-Speaking of reimagined characters, any chance we get a Human Sabrewulf? I feel bad for the dog. I’d like to see him find that cure one day. :slight_smile:

-If one of these Shadow Jago style characters isn’t on the table at the moment, would it be possible to do a community fund to get one? Or perhaps a community fund for a stage or two?

-Would it be possible to add a guest from an IP not owned by MS? Like if, say, Kain or Raziel from the Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver franchise?

-Any chance you guys upgrade the “Fight On” screen to give it a more streamlined look, with a cool character vid on each side and just “Vs” in between?

-Really appreciate the breakdown on what to expect in December! I know it’s just getting greedy now (as all of these questions are), but any chance you could give us some insight on what we can expect from KI in January and maybe a little further out as well beyond stay tuned?

-Would you guys consider upgrading more of the visuals the way you did with the stage relighting? Things like hair, faces, retros, etc as a project for an as of yet unnamed, theoretically possible though by no means confirmed follow up season to the third season?

I think I’d actually like to see what this would look like! Maybe a castle in the moonlight, adorned with wreaths, garland and bows and snow falling? Some sort of Trans Siberian Orchestra type music playing, like Wizards in Winter or Christmas Eve Sarajevo? :slight_smile:

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-Is an online training mode still a possibility?

-Can we see more unique accessories?

-Can we get a Glacius costume where he’s on fire and a Cinder costume where he’s frozen?

-EDIT: Will we see another community fund?

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Just a couple of quick questions:

  1. When can we expect to see new achievements for the new content, if there will be any?

  2. Will any of the funds received from the upcoming skin packs be going towards the future development of this iteration of the game or something different down the line?

  3. Will we be getting any more shadow slots? I would like to have 3 one for each season main.

  4. It’s already been asked multiple times above, but future cosmetics for characters, stages and the direction for KI as a whole, any information on that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reaching out for a little Q&A. Can’t wait for the textual stream. Keep up the great work.

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Why did you remove the common mission names in shadow lords? (every mission had a name pre-release). I’m tired of checking the description of each available mission looking for the one that gives me ceremonial daggers :frowning:

Special missions are still being denoted with an icon anyway, that should be enough to avoid confusion.

What do you think about comic book-ish borderlands style skins/textures.

I know there’s legal issues with a character contest but are costumes/accessories design contests possible?

Can Ki2 Orchid’s weapons/move set be translated into another character

Can We Get online training mode Will it be possible also practice mode On any stage?

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Can we get an option to not open a Skeleton chest if we don’t want to.

Is it still be possible for characters who don’t have their own stage will be getting one? (Rash, Mira, General Raam, and Eydol.) :grin:

He never do anything wrong. He is great.

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Speak off the devil lol

That’d be awesome. I’d like this a lot!

It’d be cool if a Shadow Orchid character had her lasaken. :slight_smile:

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Will we get Retro Stages in the future? Humiliations, No Mercies, more Ultimates?


How long are you contracted to work on the game for ?


What is your favorite part about your job.

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