Hey guys, I’ll do a Q&A Textual Stream and reveal more of the Feedback Survey as I’ve promised. Post Questions here, and I’ll pick a bunch to go through.

Closing thread for quesitons 6pm CST Wednesday 12/7!


Have any of the characters on the Survey (Excluding Eyedol) been considered as a character? Or was it more ideas on where to go next?

^ That Question most of all.

Has More Accessories for the bonus characters been considered?

I know Ultimate Source is hard at work on the KI Figures. Any word when we will get Wave 2?


You’re first, so I will answer this one on the Stream guaranteed.


Will there be more skins like Mimic and Shadow?


Sweet! Thanks! Am I only allowed one question?

You can ask as many as you want in a post.


Will we see more accesories? Are they being considered for the future?

How could affect the PD changes to Aria?

Will Shadow lords recieve more cinematics for characters who doesn’t have them?

Have the team considered to make a puppeteer character at any point?

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Can you share any additional detail on the team’s plans or interest regarding additional Costumes, Colors, Accessories, and Skins?

Have any plans been made for the many requested Practice improvements, such as being able to practice against a friend online for training purposes?

Are there any plans to add additional online and local gameplay modes such as team battles or tag team fights?

The rest of the things I want to ask are about the possibility of or details about Season 4 (as I’m hoping there will be one!) and I know that wouldn’t be answered yet, other than “STAY TUNED tm” so I will try to wait patiently for information on that front.


In addition to this do you think we’ll see more accessories for the ones that don’t have any, like shago and omen

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How are the potential damage changes being considered? The changes I mean are those like combo breakers restoring less potential damage and it taking more time to recover. What I mean is, how likely are the changes to come in 3.6 if at all?

Will Shadow Jago get accessories?<3


This might be a weird question, but it never hurts to ask. Why is it that some of the Shadow/Mimic skins are more expensive than others? Like Jago’s Shadow skin is pretty expensive, compared to Aganos’ and a couple others. Is it based off of character popularity?


Jago has seen some changes in his damage to better balance his already solid playstyle.

With that said and based on all the feedback and evidence with local and stand out Jago mains, do you feel as if he needs to continue revisions/balances, or are you currently comfortable with him?

Great to see this coming back!

So… I have two questions:

Is there any chance the backstories on the KI DE will be posted on the website?

and as a follow up to my previous gargos question

Who were the Great minds who thought up the design for Eyedol? (gameplay, art and story if you can)

Can we expect new Holiday Colors/Accessories for more characters?

Can we see some of these Terror Skins soon?

Will we see even MORE skins aside from the gold and terror skins?

Can Aganos be thrown?

Did Kan-Ra do anything wrong?



Wen will shadow jago and omen accessories and colors come :blush: please


Wen will shadow jago accessories and omen accessories drop ,will they ever drop :cry:

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EXACTLY, that was going to be my question.