Question from Devs: Which Guardian is your Favorite and Why?!

We’re curious!

Also feel free to discuss the ones you don’t use and why. Thanks!


Snake - for that sweet, sweet, potential damage.
Vampire bat - for that sweet, sweet health regen.

Least Favorites:
Parry guardian - more effort than I care to put into it.
Ram - annoying how it uses a charge even when I don’t get touched. Would also be more useful against real shadows, since the SL AI kind of sucks at combos a lot of times and winds up just killing you with stray hits at higher power levels.

Also - pinged @rukizzel about it earlier, but the Shadow Lords code Rukari sent me gave a “Code Already Used” error, so I’m currently shut out of the mode (my original impressions post was played on the glitched version of it I think). Any help regarding that matter would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Damn it, Kraig! You beat me to making a thread like this!

Honestly though, it’s hard to pick my favorite between the Vampire Bat and the Fractured Ward. Vampire Bat is great because getting health back is costly in Shadow Lords in general. But Fractured Ward really just kicks serious a**. You’re throwing out attacks like the dumb AI you are? Well I’m not only gonna punish you for it, I’m gonna take much less damage from the attack! Seriously, that one’s awesome.

Snake is middle of the road for me. I see how it could be fun and useful, but because of how the AI works with its defense, it can be frustrating to use at times. I play Cinder so I’m used to having to work to cash out my potential damage, but there’s something about the AI that makes it worse for me.

I’ve already expressed my concerns with the Ram guardian in another thread.

Finally, the Exemplar is a cool concept. I mean who doesn’t want parries that work both on the ground and in the air? But the problem is the execution of doing them. I often find myself landing them on accident rather than on purpose, and getting hit if I try to do the latter. Not sure how you guys could make this better, but right now (besides the Killer version) it’s my least favorite.

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Just a comment on the Parry Guardian. I think that we will see this one get more play and find it more useful in the VS mode (I think that they said something about adding a VS mode).

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There is a Multiplayer Mode at launch, yep.


Oh! This is news we haven’t heard before.

I already knew what the multiplyer mode was gonna be, but not when it was releasing.


Snake & Vampire are the best by far. (Though the snake looks more like a slug)

Don’t really like the exemplar.

Snake + Burnout = GAME OVER


Haha, all yours!

Snake + Raam = holy poo!


Snake & Fractured Ward.

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Love vampire, that extra health is really usefull in SL since health is scarce. Will come back when I have more experience with the other ones.

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Fractured ward is amazing, hard to justify using Raam when the other guardians give such amazing benefits.

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I’ll have to go with the majority and say Vampire Bat, especially the best version of it. Any damage I do can be brought back as more health, shadow, OR instinct?! Why would you NOT use that all the time?

Sulks in shame because Killer Vampire Bat is the only Killer guardian he doesn’t have

Does the snake have a rattlesnake sound effect in game? Cause I hear it now and again. So far I keep getting the ram and snake.

I’ve played theough 3 times now and I have 2 different level parry’s (one KI level) which I cant really use, and something like 4 rams, 2 of which are KI level…I do have a lower level and epic bat, but no fractured ward or snake yet.

I bought the best deal pack with some KI gold and got the 2 KI rams and and Epic Parry (Exemplar?). So I was somewhat disappointed, not to get an epic bat, or a fractured ward/snake…

Vampire and Fractured Ward are my absolute favorites so far. You have no idea how satisfying it was getting the latter meaning I was finally able to fight those damned armored mimics on even ground.

Yeesh, either you play this mode non-stop or have KI gold out the wazoo.

Didn’t they say a new guardian was out? I only know of the snake, bat, ram, exemplar, and fractured ward.