Question from Devs: Which Guardian is your Favorite and Why?!

Yeah I had read that but haven’t seen anything new.

The snake is pretty legit! Probably my favorite so far

Definitely Bat, with the Snake as a close second. Being able to stay in the fight longer or being able to end it quickly are both incredibly valuable. I’ve yet to get a Fractured Ward, but I haven’t had the best experience with Exemplars.

I haven’t found the fracture ward, but so far I love the snake and the bat for the potential damage and the health regen. Snake kind of reminds me Affliction from the first Darksiders game

Vampire Bat for sure, I love the ability to get life, shadow meter or instinct by doing combos, sometimes it can save you in a pinch at the most convenient time.

I love the vampire but I wish I could make it stick with one element, maybe I want health or shadow. I don’t like having to constantly rotate between them.

I found the green bats to be better for this. They may give you less, but they’re consistent.

Yeah, I find myself doing quick opener ender combos to switch back to health regen totally wasting tons of damage.

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Fav’s? Let’s see…the snake is good. That white life ain’t no joke. Pretty good all around.

Vampirism is nice too getting meter/health back on a whim is very nice.

The parry one is very good. However I have not grown used to it yet but (like ARIA) I see great potential in it. I just need more time to use it properly and then it will most likely be my go to guardian. (parry with ARIA is gona be boss!).

The ram…I mean probably the least useful only because combo’s from the AI isn’t very common (at least on challenging, might have a different view on godlike though).

Fractured ward is nice being able to armor through basically anything and be fine. I’d say it’s in the middle of the pack when it comes to usefulness.

Though I have a question unrelated to this topic. When I’m trying to combo break at times when using the right stick to break I sometimes can’t break or I unwillingly activate my item and end up wasting it. I thought you can only activate items via the taunt button.

Also I’ve noticed at times the elixir of great stoneskin (grants invincibility and free shadow moves for 15 seconds) I still take damage. Also the other item (which grants unblockables and I think free shadow meter) I don’t get the unblcokables at times either.

So regarding the invincibility. Apparently I’m not invincible to throws? And I can still accumulate white life but it disappears…is that supposed to happen?

Yeah so that exemplar guardian…the parry one…AWESOME! I got a perfect one (killer status). 20 parries in one go with 10 parries regen every 5 secs. That’s beastly.

There is however one grip I have with it. The simple back I think is TOO simple. Maybe make it another motion like forward or even do something like a direction+ a button?

For me, it’s definitely Snake. The Vampire Bat is lovely, but on Challenging I have trouble actually getting in to do damage, as if the AI knows I have the buff and does it’s damnedest to dodge me. With the Snake however, I just need one decent combo to annihilate the enemy. Even better if I can do another combo and reset the white life debuff while the next round is starting, that is no joke.

I like the Fractured Ward for the armor it gives, especially since it requires less input on my part and the armor simply regenerates over time. I don’t have the Killer tier version of it yet, but I love the Epic Tier version I have right now.

As someone who’s awful at Combo Breakers, I like the Ram as well, but the fact that instead of regenerating over time, it regenerates as you take damage is very annoying.

I’m awful at parries so I never touch Exemplar.

Most of the time I pick Vampire Bat or Snake, but I see three other slots on the Guardian menu with “coming soon”. Definitely look forward to that!

Snake feels the most potent at the moment, due to just allowing you to one chance death quite a lot more often than you would, meaning you have to play less of the actual combo-as-mixup game that Killer Instinct is. For that reason though I don’t necessarily consider it my favourite, just the best.

Bat is my favourite as it makes health management a lot easier and quite a bit of the Shadow Lords game seems to be keeping yourself healed enough to not feel in too much danger.

I love the idea of exemplar but feel it’s only useful to me against the easier enemies and that it’s a waste of a Guardian unless you can read the AI well (that said, if you can, it may well be the best guardian).

Not spent much time with Ram or Fractured Ward yet.

The Ram.

Because it’s the only one I’ve been able to get lol.

Haven’t unlocked much, but the bat one is my favorite so far. I tend to suck at surviving and get out of fights with lots of health missing. The bat saves me from having to use my heal scroll things constantly.

It depends if I am playing online or not and what character. For example online,Gargos has a bad defense right? He can just be meatied heavy and only block. Now with parry,if he has instinct,he can activate instinct and if there is a meaty heavy,just parry and Gargos defense is suddenly much more op. I only have the Ram though :cry:

I am loving the bat. I just need a few of them so each character can have one.

I take it back.

Exemplar is the best guardian ever.

You can actually PARRY PARRIES and PARRY COMBO BREAKERS.!Ai9Dpl1FUmk-jA3zZsCwvz04ZLt1!Ai9Dpl1FUmk-jA-xLZsqFM3vaNXT


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Same here.

My favorite is, definitively, the parry one. I don’t mind the bat, I havent played the Snake, I don’t like the armor and the free breakers, I don’t want to have bad habits because of it.

See? Exemplar has that potential.

Oh and before I forget. Apparently the right direction on the right analog stick is the taunt button in SL. So it counts as using a consumable. Do you guys think you can change to to the parry for exemplar instead or even better the left direction on the right analog stick? And just leave the consumable for the taunt button?


OMG!!! I still love the Vampire Bat, but the Exemplar… my god, if you can master the parries, your opponent will have a very bad time dealing with you, the Ram for me is useless, it can help players who don’t know how to break combos but… is pretty much like inducing the player to be lazy on the MOST important (and I think signature) mechanic of KI.