Question for the Connecticut KI scene

Hello all, my GT is Beat You 4Ever, I have been playing the game off and on since launch but more aggressively over the past year. Just looking to see how many folks are in the CT area and if a local tourney would be possible. Hit me up on XBL or twitter @gstaxx_75

For some reason, I never expected other people from CT played KI other than myself and two of my friends. What part of CT are you from, or looking to run a tournament in? We’re around the Hartford area.

Ha, I remember you! If I recall, you didn’t quite live up to your GT, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m also in CT (roughly between Hartford and New Haven). Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find any sort of local scene in the area. I’d definitely be game to come out though if there ever was a local scene for KI. :grin:

Ha, thanks GG, I am working on building up to my name :smile:

Storm I will keep you in mind, and add you for some local matches… thanks again, hopefully we can get more local guys to play some KI matches.

It’s been a while, so I figure it’s worth asking again. What area of CT are you from?

I am in Meriden, where are you?

Rocky Hill, and my friend I play with is from Ellington.

Cool, I got a buddy who plays, but not often. He does COD and BF more, but I’ll add you today. we can play some matches.

You all are actually pretty close to me as well. Small world :-p

that’s cool man, whereabouts in CT?

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Haha. Had a stalker experience a few years ago, so got out of the habit of giving even my city out unless I have to :-p

Suffice it to say that if there were any events in Meriden or Cromwell or Ellington, or even Hartford or New Haven, I’d be game to come out.

lol totally understand, when we have an event I will definitely let you know.

Kind of cool to know that there’s KI players in CT, i just started learning this game this week so theres things i need to improve on.

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feel free to add me I am always up for practice.

Thanks, so far im trying to Learn Thunder with the xbox one pad as of now as i like him the most out of all characters I have played, 2nd being Glacius. Ive always liked the idea of playing fighting games at events like EVO and CEO for example so whenever there’s a tournament in the area im planning on going, same with some of the big events if i have time

Any of you play Jago regularly? I need to practice against him because I struggle against his “balance” lol.

My mains are riptor/orchid, but I am gonna try SHAGO, more so now with his new release, so you’re welcome to practice against him. I am still learning him, so not great yet :grinning:

I’m in Hartford (about 3 miles from downtown), still pretty new to KI but always down to play online or offline, and always down to meet up with other locals to play and enjoy a frosty beverage (or six). I’m nowhere near any kind of tournament level but hey, gotta lose some to learn right? Anyone feel free to hit me up! (GT: mine is broken) (Twitter: @Gnoodles) :smile:

cool man added you

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