Question Any question (Forum game) [I'm kinda bored lol]

The Rules are as follows.

  1. You can ask any question (as long as It doesn’t brake the forum’s rules)
  2. For Each person who agrees with your answers they give you a like
  3. honest answers only, when you get a like, you can ask a question
  4. Each Question has to be related to the following forms of entertainment
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Music
  • T.V shows
  • Movies of any kind
  • conventions
  • YouTube related content.
  1. first to get a total of 15 likes wins.

[Edit : two options have been added, thanks to GalacticGeek and KIFanatic8488, If anyone has anything they want to add before the game ends message me]

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[starting question]
If you found your self in first ever music wars, the following bands battling are
Linken park.
Crush 40.
The Beatles (before they broke up)
and black sabbath

All bands are in their prime.

Who do you think will win this war?

What anime series immediately drew you in as well as got you hooked?

Linken Park. 15 characters.

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Well I started with Dragon ball Z, But the one that made me love anime was a old one called Detective Conan

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What is your favorite Video Game track?


Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry one of my all time faves

Detective Conan, yes, for the original Japanese version more specifically. And Case Closed for the English dubbed version :wink: :slightly_smiling:

what is the funniest way you’ve ever lost a game.

Light of Nibel from Ori and the Blind Forest

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Speaking musically, Crush 40

Crush40 and Linkin Park are the only innovative bands on the list.

Crush 40 wins because their innovations involve multiple music cultures and story-based songwriting.

(Nothing against the others, they are just very straight-forward)

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Black Sabbath isnt innovated? ha! LMAO! Dude they created METAL! Tony Iommie invented the Detuned guitar strings so it didnt hurt his cut off finger tips. I dont even know what to say about this comment…lol
Ive never even heard of Crush 40 and Linkin park is no more innovative than any other band. If anytig Slipknot is just as innovative if not more…but its all depends on what you like I guess.

They didnt create metal. They were just the darkest metal band that was popular at the time. Opera Metal and Hair Metal were still also very popular when they were around. Also, im pretty sure Metallica used detuned strings before they did. Not sure on that one though.

ARE YOU HEARING YOURSELF??? Metallica detuned before BLACKSABBATH??? O M G!!!

Dude…I dont even know what to say… Ill just stop here because you obviously have no idea what your talking about LOL

and FYI Metallica has always tuned to standard E tunining Until a few songs on Load and St Anger.

Black Sabbath created Metal… fact. Black Sabbath formed in Birmingham 1968

You cant win this debate…Ive been playing guitar for 28 years and in a band for 25 years…I know my music

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ok. (15 characters long)

That’s what I get for not reading the rules carefully enough lol.


What is your favorite all time mystery/suspsense movie and why?

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Who/what are your favorite YouTubers/YouTube channels, both well-known and lesser-known?

Well known = tie Maxamillion and Daboshii
Lesser known / new comers GradeAUnderA

( Also @FallofSeraphs76 It’s cool bro, this is just all fun and games man )

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Well known = Max usually, sometimes Extra Credits
Lesser Known = uh…lemme get back to you on that one. I tend not to really follow youtubers as much as I should. The best I can think of rn is ArmchairTitan.

On the music wars question:
Music is mostly subjective, but to put it in terms of the number of acts that were inspired by their work, I’d have to go with either The Beatles or Black Sabbath. The Beatles are kinda responsible for a lot of modern music as we know it, and Black Sabbath came up around the same time to make things a little heavier. (Time Lapse Perspective: Abbey Road and Black Sabbath were released months apart)
These 8 dudes (John, Ball, George, and Ringo, & Ozzy, Tony, Bill, and Geezer respectively) have been cited as inspirations for more bands than I can count, including most of the other bands on that list. If anything, were there some sort of musical genre war, groups like this would be the commanders.

Now, my own question for everyone in the thread.
#What is your favorite color?