Pyrobomb buffs

what about a buff on those bombs who are thrown after the fired up state to cause burnout damage?

Another buff that could happen are Cinder throwing shadow pyroboms on the ground just like Triborg Smoke does with his smoke cloud and as soon as they hit the floor it blasts into a fire pillar.

This could happen at the cost of a nerf that take away that “tetsumatsu kick” from Cinder.

So, you want free potential (white) damage every 8 seconds and up to 3 free landmines that restrict ground-based movement that could result in damage and a juggle opportunity on hit? I don’t know about that - it sounds awfully broken if you ask me. No offense, but I think you’re dreaming if you think that’ll happen, buddy…


Firstly, this sounds broken and unnecessary. Why do you need a fire pillar, you can juggle off bombs pretty easily. And adding burnouts would break the character.

Also, I don’t know why you want to see his jumping HK removed, even though it allows he to attach and detonate bombs mid-combo.

Fun fact: If Cinder crashes down on a Pyrobomb with his Trailblazer, it’ll explode.

That’s good enough right?

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no. First of all Cinder would throw a single fired up pyrobomb as he always did the only difference could be while this pyrobomb are attached to his enemy it would cause burnout damage. Burnout would fade as Cinder detonates it.

no. Im not trying to make Cinder OP. I just suggesting that the pyroboms could be more efficient like the heavy version of the shadow pyrobomb would be thrown straight into the feet of the enemy and after it hits it generates a flame column who could help more with juglles. Notice that thoses doesn’t do more than 10% of damage.

speaking of dreams i was one of those people who was dreaming of Rash featuring this game. Look, buddy, i just want this character to be more competitive against super zoners like Glacius. He deserve really good buffs and not one little thing here and there. He could even receive somekind of “pyrogloves” while on instinct to improve his third degree.

That matchup is not nearly as bad as people seem to think. And I main both Glacius and Cinder.

And all other zoners get rekt by Cinder.

It’s called inferno. USE IT

Except Kan-Ra at this point. I actually think that matchup is pretty even now.

Really? You think so? I don’t see what you mean.

try it on Kan-Ra at the kyle difficulty.

If he blocks it I get potential damage, what’s your point?

Also, why the hell would you use the AI to judge anything?


I think the new Shadow Sand Trap change really messes with things. But that’s not the point right now.

What do these new Pyrobomb buffs do that actually affect how matchups turn out instead of how Cinder only gets better? That needs to be taken into consideration too.


if/when i beat the game on kyle would you still be saying im a bad player?

Fighting AI is nothing like fighting people. So I would say you’re skilled at fighting AI, but it would mean nothing about how you fight against people.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I never called you a bad player. I just think that you’re downplaying Cinder too much.

correct. I just made you a question. Don’t mix things up. Just stay on topic.

You asked me a question, I gave you my response.

OK, back on topic, Cinder’s pyrobombs already are great against zoners because it’s quick to throw out and gets them scared to throw out their moves cause you can confirm any mistake into a juggle.

As a fellow Cinder player, I can confidently say that Pyrobombs are great as they are. They don’t need any kind of buff. I’m not big on the idea of tossing at the feet and would rather keep the high arc. Regarding the pillar, you might as well just detonate the bomb immediately. You’ll get the same result.

I beat Shago by spamming Laser Sword and DP. None of that transferred to my skills online.

Lol whet?


Side Note: @TheKeits Can I get a parry on Jago if Cinder gets Pyrobomb buffs?

It was alot harder in season2 because Glacius was so solid. Primally because your main tool for movement can get stuffed by hail and zoning. So that being said because Cinder can now angle his inferno the fight is a bit more fair by comparison. But Glacius is still the hardest opponent to fight in my opinion. Pyrombombs are good to use but Glacius can always puddle down to avoid getting stuck by them. You can’t really get away with alot of things with Glacius like you can everyone else. So that is why Glacius is always going to be the toughest match up for Cinder. You have to actually work to beat him.

Rushdown characters that are typically more grounded I think are a lot easier to beat than zoners really.

As Pyrobomb buffs:
Nah I don’t think it’s needed.

Use the bombs to keep your foe in check, and also for juggle set ups. and so on they’re good as tey are now.

I think Pyrobombs should stick in Gargos’s Minions other than any buffs or nerfs.

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Thats why i’ve asked for a diagonal throw of the pyrobomb. Cinder is a fierce brawler. Even though he uses some kenpo so why not having some ninjutsu too? I know he was never a ninja before but you got the point.
Also Rash should eat 'em at will.

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