Pyrobomb buffs


No. It’s better as it is now. Trust me


you should probably use inferno on his minions instead.


still pyrobombs has a better range than inferno.


It’s almost as if they’re designed to occupy different areas of the screen…:smirk:
Use the firebombs to pester distant foes and set up pressure, use the inferno to control space and pester your opponent’s feet. No one tool is going to solve all your problems. Use everything at your disposal before wondering if a single piece of his kit isn’t working by itself. All the different moves together are much stronger than any individual move alone.


ok then. Just keep this character much vunerable as it can be. Forget about that buff and just take it like an idea for an ultimate for Cinder then. Put a meter above his shadow bar to tell everyone when he’s fired up. That’s how fix an underpowered character which is only strong while airbourne. I hate to be getting destroyed online everytime by Fulgore, Jago, Glacius , yada, yada… No chance against Gargos or Eyedol either. Shago just puts Cinder on the pocket everytime even off-line no matter how harder i try. Someone please save this character from being low tier if there will be a season 4 or something like that.


I think Cinder does pretty well against Eyedol and Shago actually. It’s not that he’s not a bad character or anything.


have you tried it on killer or kyle difficulty?


You can’t bring AI into a balance discussion, those fights have nothing to do with individual strengths and weaknesses of the characters or how they handle certain match ups.


so off-line matches doesn’t matter? I dont get it…


They don’t matter because it’s not against a person. You can’t judge how good a character is based on a computer playing them.


@BHswordsman09 is a professional Cinder main who placed in the Top 32 at both EVO2016 and Killer Instinct World Cup.
There’s an off chance he has a vague idea what he’s talking about.


Dude, are you kidding? Cinder rocks Shadow Jago’s world. Using trailblazer at the height of Cinder’s jump will snipe Shadow Jago out of the air every time he goes for a Dive Kick. Fireflash is also autocorrecting beating out his ambiguous wake up attempts to dive kick you, and when fired up, gives you a combo opener. Grounded trailblazer beats his slide kick despite slide kick having a low profile. Inferno also gives you some good low crush wake up pressure as long as he doesn’t have meter enough for shadow slide kick on wakeup. I’d say this is a fight that is at least even in Cinder’s favor if not better.

Eyedol isn’t that bad either, especially now that his j.HP has finally been toned down. His warrior form is super easy to shadow counter most of the time too. A 3 hit command normal, to which people usually cancel into a 2 hit special, take your pick of what hit to SC. Mage form is a joke, all you really have to do is wait him out full screen until he goes back to warrior mode and tear him apart.

Jago is not really that big a deal either. I find him to be a good clean matchup. About even really, and burnout enders will destroy him no matter if you pick his legs or arms, either ruining his fireball game and invincible wakeup, or risking him with using his best distance closing tool. He’s super dependent on the total of his moveset and disrupting any of those really ruins Jago’s offense.

Glacius and Gargos are problematic, but no character is perfect for every matchup (though some Jago players may disagree). I think for the most part Cinder excels in a LOT of his matchups. I don’t really see the low damage output as a big problem as there are lots of ways to convert white damage in combos, and Cinder is a meter generating machine, giving him access to Shadow Fireflash and some wicked one chance break combo cashouts.

Don’t get me wrong, I like buffs, and pyrobomb buffs are welcome, but I don’t see how changing trajectory for a toss gives much of an advantage. If you want to buff Cinder in any way, give him an across the board damage buff of a small percentage. Or slightly raise the priority on trailblazer, give him a flipout move, there are tons of better buffs Cinder could use, but I feel like pyrobombs are in a pretty good place.


This I can agree on though now you can explode opponnets on the ground but it won’t make a big difference if ya don’t time it right.

What he means is: because the A.I controls the characters (and AI is stupid anyway) and not the players, you’re taking the players skill into account so using kyle difficulty A.I to determine a character’s worth is not a good use of evidence to back up your argument.


I had an idea for a Pyrobomb Change.

What if you could just detonate 1 Pyrobomb at a time?

My idea is that for Pyrobombs stuck on the opponent, tapping all Ps once will only detonate 1 Pyrobomb per tap and the others would still be stuck. You could even still detonate all of them by holding all Ps if you wanted.


Strict buff for Cinder. Plus frames on demand for however he might want to approach.


Or perhaps PD while attached. Flame on!