Purpose of taunts

Prove it.

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Now what about mooning and insults coined/made up by Beavis and Butt-Head? Do you consider them forms of bullying too?

P.S. Beavis and Butt-Head as guest characters in KI :wink: :laughing: :joy:

Despite its purpose, I’m okay with intentionally developed in-game taunts. It’s the unintentional, non-designed ones that simply happen to be possible by circumstance that bother me (such as TBing), because those insinuate something somewhat more… Vile.

I like taunts, they add more personality to characters.

I also think that mental fortitude is one of aspects of competitive fighting games.


[quote=“VerminatorX, post:24, topic:18403”]
I like taunts, they add more personality to characters.

[quote=“VerminatorX, post:24, topic:18403”]
I also think that mental fortitude is one of aspects of competitive fighting games.

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Thing is, you can actualy have a practical use to taunt.
For instance, what i sometimes do is: after a knockdown, I start a taunt at mid to far distance, they think that it’s punishable and do something to reach me fast then I cancel my taunt into a shadow move to counter their approach. It works more than it should.
But yeah that’s still the same idea of provocation.

If people gets frustrated by losing, should I let them win? Because otherwise I’m bullying them, as it seems that now are the same

This, 100%

If you (generic you) doesn’t have mental fortitude, your opponent will take advantage of it, and that’s totally expected. He has an advantage over you. Should a experienced player slow down against someone who doesn’t know how to stop him?

Taunts are provoking if you give them that value. Same with teabagging.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And about bullying: pressing a button (taunt) or a stick (teabagging ) is not bullying.

Death threats, phisical violence, offensive and rude non friendly talk. That’s bullying

Don’t confuse that.


Funnily enough I find taunting way more harmless than teabagging. And I’m not really bothered by teabagging.

All fighting games do it.

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Taunting adds character to your character. It’s one of the reasons why Rash is loved so much by the community. His taunts are absolutely legendary and solidify him as a goofy “dude” character from the 90’s.


I still wonder why Wulf’s howling could be considered that agressive or offensive, same as Orchid’s, they are quite innocent. Can’t say the same from other characters. However taunts in KoF where far more agressive…

Teab…ng on the other hand I don’t like it in fighting and it’s more disrespectful than tauting. Let that dumb thing to shooters.However it’s still dumb in fighting too.


Believe me I’m an activist to prevent cyber bullying. Moreover I believe people who think it’s as easy as turning off your computer live in a bubble of dillusions. I’d be willing to argue this but perhaps in another form.

That said, taunting isn’t necessarily a form of bullying. It’s really a nasty tactic known as mindgames. It does work on most people though, it’s part of fighting game and can be consider cheap or silly, but just like projectiles, it’s a mechanic that needs to be defended against.

I don’t like being taunted or bagged, but if I do I just ignore it and stick to my plan knowing they have to resort to mindgames.

Now for people who just do it to insult, well, they are just piles of douches that I won’t play again. Even members of the forums who resort to taunts or bags I stopped from talking to.


It’s very rare you’ll see a taunt from me, maybe in a friendly lobby where people are mucking about and bantering, or as a way to say "ready."
As with anything in this game, it’s about the intent, I enjoy Spinal’s taunt cause it makes me laugh, Hisako’s cause it looks cool, but never taunt with Maya my main as she does sometimes directly insult the opposition, which is not what I’m going for.

Ultimately, if you can’t just play the game and have to resort to mind games like taunting and teabagging, instead of focusing on getting an honest win through skill alone, I personally will automatically think you’re childish, which is the opposite of feeling “bullied” and I just won’t want to play with you.


A taunt is nothing more than an implied message to your opponent “I am so certain of my win that I feel like I can afford to do this long animation that does nothing beneficial to me and I will still win.”…yes even between rounds when you could be spending that time better positioning yourself.
There is nothing inherently wrong with that unless you feel that message shakes your mental fortitude, as @VerminatorX put it, or rather the lack thereof, and you break your concentration and start throwing out easily punishable junk.

I use taunts for set ups. They keep your character grounded for a set number of frames which you can then cancel out of allowing you to go for specific meaties and cross ups.


While a good strategy, it’s a risky 1… You may inadvertantly fuel their rage to kick your butt.

in some cases, wont they ban Rash’s taunts

In my experience, taunts have never been restricted.

Rash’s taunt makes me chuckle. Which makes it more fun. Which makes the game more enjoyable.

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Its a taunt, it is in there for you to try to and play mind games against you’re enemy… That is in no way bullying… I personally like using taunts when people are talking crazy trash over the head set…

They can’t ban a button.