Purpose of taunts

Title says it all, what is the purpose of characters having taunts? So far, it seems as if they are in the game only to cause frustration. Are they another way of saying good games? What was the development team planning when they created the taunts?

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“remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone” That is the definition of a taunt. Yes it is meant to cause frustration.


That’s kinda the point…


Wow. That’s horrible, I guess that just seems to justify more bullying online.

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It hasn’t helped my anxiety one bit.


They vary a lot. One thing is Rash doing his air pelvic thrusts or Fulgore raising his middle finger (blade?); another is Eyedol thumping the ground with his club or Sabrewulf howling.

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Causing frustration does not equal bullying.


How so?

Edit: But taunting is bullying though.

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I mean taunts have been in fighting games for a long time. So it’s not going to go away ant time soon. I don’t want to come off as rude, but it’s better to just deal with it. If they taunt, it just means all the more reason to kick their asses and show’em who’s boss.

I wonder what all the punching and kicking in the game means? Do you consider it a form of bullying? :stuck_out_tongue:

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They’re just expressions of each character’s personality. I don’t view it as bullying just because some idiot likes to jinx it, don’t let it mess up your game.


What makes taunting bullying?

Have you ever been to school or have you been around bullies? Think on it.

Yes and I have been around them. Nothing similar to taunting at all.


I can’t take anyone seriously who says they consider taunting bullying but don’t consider being punched or kicked bullying. I can’t decide if you’re serious or attempting to troll. Regardless, feel free to explain how it’s ok to punch or kick someone into submission but taunting them is just wrong. lol


I’m just glad this game isn’t like injustice and mkx when the taunt automatically plays when the life bar is depleted from the loser.

I’m having a really tough time assuming if this is a troll thread or a serious one.

Taunting is taunting. Just an animation made for the purpose of riling up your opponent although I tend to use it as a form of celebration from winning the round/match (depending on the character being used).

That’s all I can think of as this isn’t Third Strike where some of the character’s taunts did things (eg: Attack power increase, Stun meter lowered, etc)

If you’re saying taunting is a form of bullying and it’s bad, maybe fighting games aren’t for sensitive players.
For me, it always feels strange for a fighting game to not include them.


Provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks.

They exist to provoke or challenge your foes, pretty simple.

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Oh jeez. Don’t be so sensitive. It’s just a video game. It’s hardly “bullying”. It’s not like these people are trying to attack you on a personal level.

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