Punch Planet (All New Fighting)

New fighting games just keep on showing up this year and last year, however there is another fighting coming to steam erlay acess and that is Punch Planet with its beautiful art style and cell shaded textures. At the moment there are 4 characters but there will be more coming later in the future. anyway here is some the gameplay trailer for game enjoy :wink:


Interesting visuals, but so far none of the characters look appealing (to me) and the characters move like they’re in slow motion. Also, “Dog” is the best name they could come up with for the dog? Maybe it’ll change since it’s pre-alpha.

Seems like developers are running out of names to call their games.
Next fightng game is going to be called… Fighting Game.
If that hasn’t already happened…


Been following this for a while via Shoryuken.

I love the colors. Can’t wait to get my chance to try it out!


Fighter’s Fight: Fighting the Good Fight


That’s maybe too creative for these devs. XD


Final Fight and Art of Fighting?


And street fighter

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To be fair, Final Fight isn’t a fighting game. And… it also wasn’t the final one. What is there, like, 4 games in the series? Kinda like Final Fantasy which has 15 games in the main series, plus tons of spin-offs. XD


Yeah, but IIRC there was a reason for the Final Fantasy franchise to have that name, considering the first game was a last ditch make-or-break game for Square. Last I heard now they at least claim that they attempt to make each game with that make-or -break attitude to back it up.

Anyway, the game looks like it has potential, but if you ask me the design is rather bland-looking. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt considering It’s an alpha build though.
Oh, and that chick with the electric knife is totally an Orchid kick-off. :grin:

Oh, yeah, I am completely aware of that. It’s still kinda ironic though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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When I think “what should I title my fighting game”, I think “Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: the Ultimate Suplex Hold”.

or you know… Punch Planet works to…

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roster is all over the place


Hmm, the girls are bothering me a little, super skinny or with hips so wide you’d never fit in any pants ever, I’m hoping they’ll include more body types aside from Nicki Minaj here.

“Roy” is the single dullest name for a fighting character I think I’ve ever heard, sounds like he’s just popped round to fix the boiler. I think this’ll probably get filed with the rest of the Steam dodgy early access fighting games, you’ll hear about it for about a month, then quite likely never again.

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Oh, come on now…

Roy’s our boy!!!

Best Smash Bros. chant ever.

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I’m gonna blame the Japanese for their weird appropriation of western “popular” names here, in England at least, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone under 50 named Roy, same with Ken and Terry.

In the case of Punch Planet however, much like the games moniker itself, it seems to be a cut and dry case of lack of inspiration.

I’m sure it’s mostly a regional thing. Over where I live in the U.S. (specifically Arkansas) It’s not too hard to find several Roys amongst all the country folk here. I mean It’s not a super popular name, but there are a few here and there. Kens too, though around here they usually prefer to go by Kenith.

This new fighting game looks quite nice and not too bad already either if I do say so myself here :wink: :slight_smile: :grin:

I always said there should be overweight and ugly fighters.
Heck Tekken has em.

Im guessing its an asian indie game, due to the generic
names used.

Looks like the games needs more colors and an angle.
Some kinds of twist to make it stand out.

Call me crazy I think Hisako is hot.

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It’s Steven Universe kind of graphics already makes it stand out from other fighting games though. It’s very stylized.

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