Psychic Psylocke character

KI don’t have a psychic character yet since Ermac & Kenshi. If only there was someone who is like Jean Grey, Psylocke, even Mew & Mewtwo.

Plus it can be like seeing the future like a fortune teller/gypsy.

Definitely Psylocke or Raven influence!
Maybe Divinity from Tao Feng or some of ivy soul calibur spell casting

There’s also this by @Zeybuccaneer (this guy covered every missing category/archetype with great concepts).


The game needs a character that is solely based around magic. Yeah I know Kan Ra uses magic but his attacks are basically sand based. A Psylocke character would be sick though, I think that’s Max’s favorite character in the old MvC games.

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Big fan of his work and concepts, and I think this would be very fitting this archetype.

tks dude :smiley:

by the way, I still have to do some other stereotypes that are missing hahaha I need time my god!

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Where would you guys out a psychic character for a stage?

Abandoned asylum or Escher-like space, maybe.

A shifting reality stage much like how aria shifts into different bodies and the aria stage walls reveal windows

What if her stage is something like based on fairy tales?

ex. Alice in Wonderland?

Or if she was a villain like maleficent or Ursula or even the wicked Witch

After seeing Kim Wu’s character, I’d see the psychic character as KI’s Kitana. Design-wise that is.

Really interested in what they decide to go with as all of the characters are the most diverse in any fighting game I’ve played beside soul Calibur and X men next dimension

I would imagine a psychic mutant living her life as a princess at a circus.

Her gameplay:

  • she can create psychic kinetic weapons
  • a ring blade would be her main weapon too and can act like Kenshi’s katana
  • she can use telekinesis

Instinct mode is the problem. How?


MS should bring back Tao Feng

Design-wise yes. But Tao Fang itself? I don’t think they can.

NO!!! Please no! That was such a bad game.

Any thoughts about the psychic character to be a part of KI? If it were to appear in season 3, 4 or a sequel.

I can imagine her bonding with Jago. Seeing his future tragic and wants to help him.

With a clown character out of option due to it being a part of retro Gargos’ accessories, a circus would be the perfect stage for her where she lives a fortune teller. A gypsy.

Not only will she be a fortune teller, but she’s also a skilled acrobat and fighter.

She could also possess a crystal ball as her weapon too like Viola.