Psychic Psylocke character

I loved viola!

I got the perfect type of psychic character KI needs! After watching Gargos’ trailer, I thought to myself… Gargos as KI’s “Trigon”.

If Gargos impregnated someone from Earth, someone with psychic powers will be born.

Also since Gargos’ system is kinda like M. Bison. KI has its own Rose, Psylocke, Ermac, Kenshi, Kitana, Jean Grey, Raven & Viola.


  • Before/during/after the Gargos invasion, a child was born fueled by Gargos’ power. A woman was impregnated.
  • There can be vibes of Carrie.
  • She can also be thrown into the circus as a fortune teller.
  • In instinct mode she’ll have a dark side like Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix & Raven’s evil side.
  • Jago and her could have something in common due to Gargos’ evil influence. She was born of what was left of Gargos and Jago was corrupted by his power when Omen possessed him.

Dark Phoenix in KI? ■■■■ NO

Got a better idea?

Anything but a character who can kill you in 5 seconds. Do you remember vanilla MvC3?

Maybe there can be something here that might prove useful.

Anyone still rooting for something “Psylocke”?

Maybe add something Gambit-like too?