Pronounciation of Jago and Maya

They got the vowels all messed up. Back in the 90s Maya was pronounced May-Yuh. Now it’s pronounced My-Yuh. Jagos name should reflect with this change. He should be called Jaw-Go. As in NinJago (legos reference.) I only say this cuz other Asian languages usually have one pronounciation for vowels. Not two like English. Everyone else’s name is fine.

Wasn’t that for Announcer Chris’s Voice? It was like a throwback. So if you want want to hear those original pronunciations, switch your Announcer to Chris.


I need to test it out after work

How many pronunciation of vowels do you have? I think I only have one for each xD or that I think O.o

In English there are two pronunciations for vowels

Lol wut? Damn this is some next level nonsense

  1. maya and jago aren’t the same culture, they don’t have to obey the same rules of linguistics

  2. ■■■■ legos

3)jago’s name is actually “jacob”, but his tibetan mom couldn’t Pronounce it properly and it only phonetically sounded like “jago”

  1. phonemes have nothing to do with what decade it is

  2. ■■■■ legos

  3. maya is from South America, you know, where that mayan thing happened that influenced the region to this day… Oh ya the mayans.

Stay woke.

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You’re technically correct there, but the reasoning behind this is dialect. Where I’m from in the Midlands it’s not uncommon to hear the word “book” pronounced “bewk.” Other differences in dialect between the North and South of England include words like “bath” which certain southern dialects pronounce “barth.”

I’m guessing the reasoning behind Chris’ pronunciation being different is likely because of where in England he was from, so Maya’s name being pronounced Mey-uh makes total sense to me, it’s also the pronunciation I prefer and I especially like the enthusiasm Chris puts behind it when he announces her.

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I know Maya isn’t Asian, but the vowels for her culture and Jagos culture have only 1 pronounciation.

Jagos name is NOT Jacob. Jacob is Orchid and Jagos father.

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“The journal revealed a startling secret: Orchid had a younger brother—the result of her father’s affair with a foreign aid worker whom he had saved in Pakistan. She couldn’t pronounce his name properly—Jacob—and called him “Jay-go” which made him laugh. The woman had disappeared in the foothills of the Himalayas soon after their child was born, and Jacob had not been able to track down her or the baby. He wasn’t present during the birth, but he knew that it was a boy.”

Later in the text it is suggested that said boy is Jago we know.

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Remember when people pronounced Orchid’s name, saying the “ch” softly instead of hard, like “child”?

Jago’s name has always been pronounced as Jay-Go though.

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exactly … the dads name is Jacob lol

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Never said his dad wasn’t Jacob…

Are you saying he wasn’t named after his dad? Cause i feel like I’ve made my point clear

If we’re going by the character’s influence it always should have been pronounced My-Ya. That’s how it’s pronounced for the ancient Mayan culture that helped inspire her, the 3D Modeling software used she was named after, and the vast majority of actual people who are named Maya.


I’m talking about how you confidently said Jagos name is actually Jacob because it isn’t.

You’re spreading false lore information.

Jacob is Orchid and Jagos father.

Jago is Jago. Orchid has a brother named Jago… not Jacob. But Orchid has a father named Jacob.

Back on topic. It’s always been “Jay-go”

And as for Maya, you pronounce it “My-uh” but in KI 2 the announcer said “May-yah” so as a homage to KI 2, The original announcer; Chris. Says it like “May-yah”. The new announcer says it like “May-uh” So you have a choice between the two

It was a yes or no question

Jago’s father is named Jacob.
Jago was named Jago, because his mother tried to pronounce Jacob, his father’s name, and pronounced it “Jay-Go”.
So we can conclude that Jago’s name derives from the name Jacob which he shares with his father.

Not sure why this is so confusing.


These replies bring me to my next question, why isn’t ARIA pronounced like AREA? How about AIR-RY-UH (like Mariah) or A-REE-AY? lots of possibilities!

OMG. scrap what I said about everyone else’s name being fine. How about Aganos? Why isn’t he AY-GAY-NAWS? You know, Omen can be Amen. Sorry but English is a horrible language to learn as a second language.

Because the devs were sensible enough to pronounce their names so they sounded good.

The only REAL “issue” there is, is the fact that Maya’s name is pronounced different in the new KI than in KI2. Otherwise, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the characters’ names, other than what people try to turn into an issue.