Project Scorpio

So, now they have announced a new Xbox compatible console, project Scorpio coming for Holiday 2017. Discuss…

It’s compatible for VR. And I don’t really care about that, so I’ll just keep my Xbox One until it breaks.

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Details are sketchy. Compatible with VR, 4K resolution… Something about teraflops. Apparently there will be lots of them…

I’m really curious whether this will be a better investment than a VR capable PC. If the thing costs a grand then I will likely just drop a new graphics card in my PC. If it comes in at $500? Maybe I will think about it. Obviously they don’t know yet, but I think it was a good decision to announce and the timeframe (holiday 2017) is far enough away that they probably won’t hurt current sales. Plus, I do think the compatibility policy is forward thinking and will pay off. I can confidently buy games between now and then knowing that if I do upgrade those games will be compatible. So that’s cool.

I’m curious how they’re gonna maintain game compatibility with the current xbone if it’s going to be underpowered by comparison. Are console games going to start coming with graphics settings? Will there be two separate releases for every game? Will older games get resolution bumps? (4K KI please IG!) I fear they’ll try to keep the current xbone relevant but it won’t pan out and they’ll end up dropping it after a few years.

I kinda wonder if Sony will rethink the Neo at all in response to this…try to beef it up some…

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Phil Spencer said nobody gets left behind. I trust he will make good on that promise

Very stoked for it. MS has a very good track record of listening and course correcting (Look at almost every other Windows release…they screw stuff up and then release a good one next time). Likely a day 1 purchase for me.

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My fingers are certainly crossed, because I want this oh so bad… :crossed_swords:*

*there’s no emoji for crossed-fingers, so crossed swords will have to do (+1 for Sea of Thieves reference).

I watched that part of the conference and it looked and sounds pretty cool. I could have sworn he said all Xbox games will be compatible with this “box”. You entire library.

4K gaming… something about fall Out going VR, ect…

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I’d be hesitant, based on track record alone. Remember him saying Kinect will continue to be supported? Then Cortana was announced making the very thought of Kinect obsolete. I mean, lets all be real here, no games and only launch titles relied on its technology. Only use for it was voice commands that will surely work better with Cortana.

Be wary :unamused:

Ohana means Family. Family means nobody gets left behind.

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I was thinking the same thing

cortana was made to be used by Kinect… its an additional Kinect function, without Kinect you’ll need a headset for the voice functionality

@IAMDaaahhhggg So $100 initially for voice commands?

Anyone who picks up an Xbox will just use a headset, not to mention they aren’t bundled anymore. So really, it’s use is only practical for those who picked up the console on launch but even then it doesn’t seem to have much function unfortunately.

The issue of compatability is probably the easiest thing to deal with. It’s basically two different PC configurations. The Xbox One versions will run at a lower resolution and/or frame rate than the Scorpio versions. Whether other graphical effects are impacted and whether there will be settings on Xbox games will be trickier. Console gamers don’t want to fuss with settings, they want plug and play. So my guess is the games will be tuned.

The really interesting question, in my opinion, will be what they do with Scorpio games on 1080 displays. Will they allow the hardware to be used to its fullest? Limit it to the same graphics as Xbox one but a higher frame rate? Or will they allow even better effects processing at 1080 than Scorpio would put out at 4K? That is going to be difficult to set a policy on and then difficult to explain to consumers.

Plus, with all the Xbox PC ecosystem stuff they are pushing I am going to need a good reason to buy Scorpio over a gaming PC, since the PC will run all the same Xbox games. So I think this will be interesting in a lot of ways.

But ultimately, at some point in the future games will stop running on Xbox One. Just like iOS now.

I am just happy to know that they are 3 compatible, so if a company makes a game for Scorpio, I can still play it on the XB1 I currently have. Lets hope PS4 Neo is the same…

It’s gonna the best pixels and all the teraflops you could possibly want!

Yeah I noticed that too. I don’t know what “best pixels” is supposed to mean.

I honestly wish microsoft would make a deal like trade the xbox one for a scorpio and pay only the difference


Yeah, it’s off topic but Kinect is dead. MS put a pillow over its head and killed it. Notice that the S has an IR blaster for controlling your Tv so they are transferring the functionality that people liked to other methods. Kinect is dead and MS hosed the people who supported it.

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