Profile Pic Bonanza! (request lines are now open)

aww shucks, thanks boo :blush:

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Is the picture good?

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I’ve like how you “goofify” your images. I wonder how mine would look if you used your style, if you’re up for it of course.

the goofiness is just my style.


I know, they are creative and fun to see.

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Except for AND other than Ori’s bottom half, it is all-in-all/overall a very good picture of Ori as a guardian in KI. And yes, very much so too :smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :thumbsup: :+1:

Yeah, sorry about that bit. I thought I could kind of make it fade into the card but it didn’t work out. I can fiddle with it more later.

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Hey, that’s perfectly alright and so just take your sweet time doing that too :slight_smile:

Hmm, can I request something with a kitty sword hilt? Like Maya with kitty ears and kitty daggers or something? Or Hisako/Shin Hisako, whichever suits. :grinning:

Wow, I really need to get back on this thread.

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If you are still queuing requests, I would greatly love to queue up. I would humbly request Lucio’s frog-w-headphones logo, but colored as Kilgore’s heated guns, smoke/steam emanating from the headphones, with Kilgore’s eye instead of Luces frog eyes.

I would luff you so so much, and also understand there are many ahead of me, if you’re even interested. And if you aren’t, that’s okay too!

@VergoVan now that I am back in this thread, I give the next pic to you.


Thank u sir


@TheSkullAddict ok, I have your pic done


Awes :skull: me!

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Are you still working on these, or is this a dead thread?

Okay if your still doing these can you make a profile picture of my three mains in KI? They are Saberwulf Sadira and omen.

Anyways, do you have an online gallery to show your drawings? I’m one of those who prefer to pay the artist instead of request something, because this is a job that I’m absolutely sure I’m not able to do and it makes me think it must have to be valorizated somehow… :slight_smile:


I technically have no intent of stopping, but now that pharmacy school is back in full swing and I’m working on weekends its proving difficult. And don’t worry, I know you are next on the list :wink:

I am trying to do these in the order recieved, so This will take a while but I will work towards getting to you.

I do have a deviantart account, But I don’t really use it very much (heck, I post my art on the forums more often). In terms of payment, I have never really received payment for my art so I am not really sure how to go about it. If I am able to make it to you in a timely fashion, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks don’t worry I have patience just let me know when you finished the picture.

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