Profile Pic Bonanza! (request lines are now open)

So here is the deal: I am opening the gates to profile pic requests. I will try to tend to as many as I can with no limit as of yet (granted each picture will surely take time). However, if I am uncomfortable with the request (my little pony or pretty much anything furry will be OFF the table) I will likely ask for a different one. I will also limit it to one image per person. With that in mind, have at it and have fun!


Ori as either a fighter or guardian in Killer Instinct :wink: :smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :blush:

Spinal, Shadow Jago and Eyedol.

Hahaha! Why the hate?

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, i got one that I think might be a challenge…

Can i get the “do you even lift?” Meme, but with Jago?

Not exactly hate, I just don’t enjoy drawing them at all.

Not that I want it as a profile pic or anything, but now I really want to see a MLP version of every character in the game. MLP Riptor & Eyedol FTW!! :joy:

In that case, you are asking the wrong person.

Ghostfreak (the character in my current pic) fighting Riptor

Ok, first one is done. @KIFANATIC8488

fair warning, I will be doing these in my own time so don’t expect a ton a speed.


I’m confused, Do you just want me to do this but in my style?


well, that’s next on the list then. But I may not get to it today.

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What about mine?

Unfortunately you have about 3 or 4 people ahead of you. I am doing these in the order received.

Ok. I’m just glad to know I’m on the list. Take as much time as you need. And have a great day! :grin::heart:️:horse::hamburger:

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Could you make Omens mask on the ground a bit battle worn as if he’d been defeated by Jago but with trace amounts of shadow energy still emanating from the mask showing he’s still not fully defeated.

Awesome. Love the art style.

I can try, might be a little out of my league

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You’re doing these for free so I don’t expect to get a high class super realistic drawing. The fact that you’re taking time off from your own schedule to draw up people’s requests for free is more than I can ask for.

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