Professional character design oversights. When the details dont matter

Why are all the fighters lacking Armpit hair?
Fine except fulger, cinder etc…

Serious inquirers only.

Are you going to make a thread for every thing popping into your head now? Because that’s what it seems like.


pretty sure wulf has it lol


Its a joke dude, relax.


How can you ask for serious enquiries then say it’s a joke? Lol

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Thats the thing, it can get serious really quick.
Can you imagine the rug Tusk would have?

Yeah, seriously. Dude, A lot of people here are open to both serious and light, humorous conversation regarding the game and irrelevant topics, but you seem to create some of the most random topics that are being placed in areas that aren’t even the appropriate areas to be talked about.

You created a topic just to discuss a bug you found with the PC lobby system, when that should have just gone into the bug reporting thread. You made a thread called “The Future of KI” and made no argument, just posted a video of a music video set to clips of “Real Steel”, which provides NO context or beginning point to a conversation or train of reasoning by which to have a meaningful conversation. This topic about armpit hair itself isn’t one that really affects the game heavily or even lightly, and is more likely suited to the off-topic section than it is for the Game Suggestions and Feedback section. Your problem with the Windows 10 creators update isn’t even a KI or an Iron Galaxy issue, and is completely in the wrong forum. You don’t even explain the problem very well.

This creates an issue with the forum getting clogged with a LOT of nonsensical threads being created but not fostering any kind of real discussion or merit. In the end, it just makes it a little more difficult to find serious conversation about interesting topics.

Don’t mind you being a part of or starting the discussion, just try put a little thought into it before starting it is all.

And why would a Robot or a man made of fire even have armpit hair?


Cinder armpit hair would be sparkles.
The robot would have wires.

Maybe the question should be why does
Tusk shave his armpit’s?

And while I understand your point, the Windows post are
absolutely related to KI and IG-

Point taken though.

Do you shave your armpits?

You are 1 odd fella to ask another that.

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Sorry these are the things I think about when im

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Retro Wulf had his thighs and buttocks professionally waxed… He’s have broad hips…

A what?

Eunuch… lol :grin: I thought unic would be easier to read, I meant to delete that.

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OH! Ouch, what makes you say that about him? XD

i think its time to leave this forum.

Bye then. Good luck. ^^

It was a manscaping accident.

I thought you were basing it on something real since you called him that.

LOLLL this thread

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Nothing but observational humor… Pertaining to retro only.