I got a probation warning, got matched with bronze who disconnected at character select screen and I got in probation.



Probatiion doesn’t even mean anything so it doesn’t matter.


I’ve had this problem before myself. If you have had a long string of wins based on disconnects, it will put you in a probation period where you can only gain ranked points via wins, not disconnects. It does that when the system thinks you are trying to mess with the connection to rack up wins.

It may be happening because your wifi may not be on par with what you need to play, though I wouldn’t suggest wifi at all if you can help it. Otherwise, try and reduce the number of wireless devices on your network to decrease traffic to your wireless point and that should improve your connectivity somewhat. After a while, you will again be out of probation, but like @Sasuke99I mentioned, probation doesn’t really do anything much. It won’t prevent you from playing Ranked or any other mode.

Basically probation means I get punished for other people’s ragequits and they actually stop being punished.

This is some SF5 level of retardness.

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Yeah I was put in probation the last time I reset my rank and was working up the Gold ladder. I kept getting disconnect after disconnect.

Anyway like @IronFlame said, you just won’t make any progress from disconnects for the rest of the month is all it’ll do.

Another crybaby ragequitted on me and I got another probation layered on my current probation.


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They need to implement a system that doesn’t penalize the player who won, and penalizes the RQ’er. I’ve been put on probation twice in Season 2 and almost once in S3. Not my fault people get tilted super easily when they fight me.

People should stop using wireless to play online in general and get a LAN cable.

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Here is the thing though. Probation doesn’t penalize you in anyway.


I think I made mention of this a while back in the Bug Reporting thread, some Silver-ranked dude disconnected on me 4-5 times in a row and I got put into probation… It. Was. Infuriating. I suppose it makes sense to penalize boosting or grinding, and it probably is very hard to recognize whom to punish in such cases given that it could be either player. Doesn’t make it less annoying.

Being locked out of ranked is kinda being penalized so…

Probation doesn’t lock you out of ranked though. Probation does nothing much. You can still play ranked normally.


Maybe if you say it like 10 more times they’ll get the idea? :slight_smile:


I was locked when it happened to me

No offense but are you sure its not your connection being broken? When its not my connection I DO NOT get a message…if it is my connection I get a message.

Might want to check your speeds during certain times of the busy day they can be lower regardless of what speed you pay for.

Ivve never noticed the probation to actually do anything anyway so not really any reason to get upset over.

Here is another thing. Are you sure it is a RQ? If your connection caused the disconnect, it still shows the same message as the opponent disconnecting. It could be your connection and not the opponent rage quitting. @SaltBomber44 Really? That’s new.

On the basis of connection, I’d be sure since I have 97mb download, 18mb upload, 33ms ping. I live alone and I’m on broadband.

If it were one’s connection whilst playing and it weren’t an RQ, it says:

Lost connection. Check your internet settings and try again later.

… or something to that degree

You don’t get locked out. You simply aren’t given a win if the match disconnects. Season 1 was a different story. Either way, this system is mainly in place to prevent people from lag-switching their way up the ranks.

It refused to let me play while I was in probation in July 2016