Probation Warning?!

I have never rage quit or disconnected from a match intentionally. WTF KI!? #Keitsplease

Dont take this personal but…This means your connection isnt strong enough and you are having to many disconnects. Intentional or Unintentional… it causes problems with the competitiveness of the league. If your connection isnt good enough…then you shouldn’t be playing ranked. There is no way to determine if you are doing this on purpose for point gain or not. So it covers all aspects.

Are you on WiFi or Wired connection?

I recommend getting a 20ft Ethernet cable at Walmart and run a line from your modem to your Xbox. You should never play ranked on Wifi.

Good luck.

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I live in Vegas and have Cox’s highest speed available. I don’t game on Wifi. Ever. I have years of experience in IT, so trust me when I say its not my connection or network. All my network is wired. I am now getting the message when the opponent ragequits. Its not my connection.


I don’t really see this feature as being necessary. I rarely see rage quitting but often see people lag out. If this feature were to ban 1,000 ragers and just one innocent, then it’s too flawed for implementation. Jmho. I might not be seeing the larger picture but this is akin to gta’s bad sport system, which is highly abused and very flawed.

Yep I can see this being abused: create new account, find someone you don’t like, and ragequit on them every chance you get.

Of course, that means that you need to search through the (I would assume) hundreds of other people that are fighting in Ranked and magically land on that person multiple times. So…that’s a bit impractical, to say the least.

Nonetheless, that’s very odd, though. I didn’t know this was a thing at all (I guess it was added with Season 3?)

My recommendation is just not touching Ranked for a while and playing a bit of Exhibition. If you’re still getting disconnects, then it’s most likely some sort of connectivity issue on someone’s end.

This has happened to quite a few people I’ve noticed the match will load but return to the main menu. Without the opponent disconnect message. Could be a bug.

Is it conceivable that your opponent is not ragequitting, but that the connection is dropping? I don’t get many rage quits at this point. They still happen but not a whole lot. My brother used to live in BullHead City about 90 minutes from you and his connection would go to hell when the temperature got too hot…

It’s possible this is just a glitch, but if you are getting a lot of disconnects you might want to look into something on your end.

Well that’s good that its not you! So now I would tag someone like James Goddard and see if the team can help figure out why this is happening.

I have had this happening to me one time months ago… I got the message about disconnects as a warning and I wasnt the one that rage quit…But I never saw it again. So hopefully nothing will happen to you.

I recommend saving those matches and maybe sending them to your One drive so you can prove you didnt disconnect on purpose if ever needed.

they did add this to Season 3, remember the short video clip of Rukari and James talking about how they added new parts tot he system to catch cheaters in Ranked? that’s what this is…but its obviously flawed.

Am i the only one with a stable 10 Mbps wireless connection? :clap:

I could be something with the crossplay. I have never had as many issues with disconnects before I started playing on the PC.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. There is a LOT of issues with KI right now. I had 3 opponents immediately disconnect from me yesterday. I know its not my network. I’m sure any bans will be lifted once they patch whatever glitch is causing this craziness.

I usually don’t have troubles with my wi fi either but today some ppl disconnected or ragequited and I also got the probation warning =(

There is definitely random disconnect issues with KI at the moment (I’m playing on PC). Unfortunately until they can pin down what’s causing it to bug out we’ll just need to stomach it =/

Have KI staff indicated they are investigating the random drops?

Is this only a ranked thing (the disconnects I mean, not the warning messages - I know that’s a ranked thing)? I ask because lately I’ve played exhibition almost exlusively )since the start of S3 and have had next to no disconnects from virtually anyone during the matches themselves - most people leave after a few matches normally (well, I’ve done a few lobbies, which haven’t always turned out well, but my history with those is well-documented on these forums). Also, my connection, to say the least, isn’t the best - it runs on a wired connection at 6mbps down and 1mbps up with ~100ms ping for latency (through AT&T). Yet, I do just fine. However, with that said, and with all of these posts referring to the ranked disconnects - accidental, intentional, or otherwise, I find that I’m actually afraid to go into ranked for fear that the same thing will happen to me. That alone can’t possibly be a good thing for this community.

Well, although u havent experienced any probation warnings. Since GARGOS’ update my ranked is crashing before I even find am opponent it completely exits out the entire game. I lost 60 points wit out ever seeing the select screen last night. @developers what’s going with that? Getting back to Killer is far harder this time around so having my points taken sucks. Btw, I’m wired and have the fastest service available in my area.

Yes. I fully support what you are saying. You should never play in WiFi if you can connect a cable. WiFi is almost always half the speed of the Rj45 cable. Your upload speed is a fraction of your download speed, so using the cable will help with the upload.

The best thing to remember is just because the game says it can run on “x” speed does not mean it really can, or should run at that speed. Companies put the lowest speed possible to sell more games.

That’s right, many friends and myself had experierence this as well

I have crashed as well sense the update, but using a cable over WiFi never hurts.

Its been driving me crazy to say the least…