Primal rage HD remake or new entry

Oh trust me, I was really turned off by it too and really do agree, but once I found out the beasts were still in the game and playable it softened the blow.

I am with you though, if we ever get another game I don’t want any playable humans.

Same it almost made me want to go and give it a try sinc eI found out you could play as the gods right from the get go.

Yeah I was happy when I found out about that, I would still would love to play it, but I would have to book a flight to Chicago to get a chance lol

One day though, one day.

Any character thoughts to add on to?

There’s a woolly mammoth to join in since there’s a sabertoothed tiger.

Yeah we could also have a pterosaur mixed another flying reptile.

Is an “Ultraman” available in the franchise?

While you have giant sized creatures they are mostly prehistoric beatss with godlike power. Not exactly in the category like Godzilla and Ultraman.

So much for a galactic giant superhero. I thought maybe an “Ultraman” can help the good kaijin.

I think a giant alien robot (God that sounds cheesy lol) could work in a PR game. It could have a similar story to Glacius. Maybe it or something on w.e planet is from gets an alert that something catastrophic has happened on a far away planet, and so it is it’s job to check it out…it eventually makes it to “Urth” where a war is raging among many giant beasts and creatures and eventually takes part in the fight against Necrosan to ensure the “Urth’s” survival and prevent it from being ruled by evil beings.

I do get why it would seem odd since most if not all the monsters are prehistoric based, but I think if done right it could potentially work out. Sure as hell beats giant humans imo lol

According to the lore alteast if this is correct. Necrosan was the reason why the events of Primal Rage happned. His intent was to destroy Urth

Other thing sthat I think could fit may involve a few dinosaurs like spinosaurus.

Yeah the meteor that hit the earth in the first game and led to the game’s events was actually an egg that contained Necrosan, who finally reveals himself in PR2 to do bad guy stuff lol

Bad guy on the scale that he wants to destroy the urth. Apparently Urth was not his first planet So if I was to give Necrosan the title. He would be the god of darkness, and destruction.

Yeah IIRC he goes to planets and pretty much just causes destruction and chaos, gnawing away at the planet’s lifeforce etc. until he moves on to the next one lol

ow if Primal rage does come back, I think one thing they could do is carry some of the gameplay aspects from PRII

like not holding the buttons while moving a direction to activate a move. Some people were not fans of it. I had no problem with that. but some have.

i.e. Sauron’s stun roar is down by holding two buttons and pressing back, forward. (I guess they were trying to make the gameplay different from most fighters at the time)

Yeah the special move inputs were a little odd at the time lol I think it would be easier to just do what KI does and use quarter circle, DP, and back forward motions for the special moves. I could live with the old school way, but I just don’t know how many others would be willing to adjust to/learn it.

Well I’ve heard from people who have played the game (and liked it) were saying the special moves shouldn’t be like they were. PR2 did solve that problem however.

Yeah that’s good. I didn’t mind them since I didn’t no any different back when I played, but I think today people might find them a bit difficult to get used to lol

If we do get one we should keep it ads all beasts and not humans. No offense but that’s what seperated primal rage from most fighting game sof that time.

Heck even add this guy


Either a remake or a reboot of Primal Rage would be perfectly fine with me here :slight_smile:

Here is more videos that demonstrates the gods in Primal rage II (Armadon’s not in yet)