Primal rage HD remake or new entry

He needs to look more demonic Just sayin :slight_smile:

I thought you could play as the dinosaurs OR the humans ? If I remember correctly, I’ve seen gameplay of primal rage 2 where it was just dinosaur vs dinosaur.

Primal Rage could surely add new prehistoric beasts than just dinosaurs. We got enough Godzillas & King Kongs already!

Take a look here!

Of course. That’s basically the point I’m trying to make. Earth’s history is RICH with strange and interesting life-forms. I’d imagine MAYBE one or two dinos but beyond that we can take look at some various prehistoric beasts. From giant sized insects to creatures from the Cambrian era etc.

Hopefully no more giant people cause honestly that’s a lazy way to do things by comparison. Humans just aren’t primal enough to really be up to snuff with the roster.

Let me ask you this:

Virtuous creatures:

  • Talon
  • Blizzard
  • Sauron
  • Armadon

Destructive creatures:

  • Chaos
  • Diablo
  • Vertigo

Which creatures should remain as dinos & apes? And which of those should change into a different animal form according to the link?

And what if one human joins in the fight as someone like…

Yes you are correct, There two ways that can have you play as dinosaurs or humans.
1: activating the god or avatar’s moves that have them turn into their gods or avatars (depending on who your playing as)

2: on the character select screen press and hold up (I watched playthroughs) for a few seconds and that dino god will be selectable and played at all times of a match.

If you wanted to play as Sauron and unlock him, you will have to press and hold up while highlighting Arik’s mug shot (Arik is the guy with the purple tattoo’s yellow clothing and big ■■■ sword. and Sauron’s mughsot will be above his. (rinse and repeat with the others)
Highlighting will Unlocks
Sinjin --------------------Diablo
Xio Ming---------------Slashfang

Despite the toy package Sauron is neither good nor evil. He is neutral. He is just trying to survive because he is hungry and his success will neither to destroy nor fix the planet.

Armadon’s and Blizzard’s success would help the planet weather putting it back in order or giving it time to heal.

Talon is a good guy because he wants to protect his clan.

Diablo and Vertigo pretty much speak for themselves and what they have planned would be a lot worse for humans than being used as food.

Chaos seeks redemption for himself for a mistake he made. He tried to peruse power when he was human. Humans who seek it or often portrayed as bad guys in fictional media.

while Ultraman is awesome I think a humanoid alien works in Kaiju moves and Kaiju game s(city crushing monsters).

But these are dino gods and the selling point for Primal rage is dino vs. dino prehistoric beast vs. prehistoric beast and a mix of the two.

I’d rather not. Humans should just stay out of the fight in this case.

I get the kaiju aspects sure. But I’d like to keep it to the beasts. I have consider maybe adding some humanish attributes to chaos since he WAS a human at one point. But most of him is enough monster where it doesn’t feel like we stuck a human in the fight.

also while yes you could play as the dinos in PR2 they were hidden. But to me it just means they were being pushed to the side and letting the humans be the focus of the game.

The issue I have with the game is because they are unlocable, plus the fact humans are evn participating in the fight I think Primal Rage II doesn’t carry the identiy the same way as Primal Rage did. Plus instead of possibly adding to the roster with new and exciting beastail creatures. They just peppered it with humans.

When it comes to figting games not much creativity has to go in a human factor of the cast. While games like KI have done a pretty good job with that. At the end of the day there’s already tons of fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters and a wild number of SNK fighting games where the humans do much of the fighting and are the sole
attraction of that game.

Primal Rage to me was about beastial creatures, gods in the form of primeval terrors battling it out to decide the fate of the planet. Mankind has fallen and should be left hoping their represented god can win the fight.

Basically Primal Rage should retain the factor that monsters are fighting monsters. The other fighters already have humans as either the main or half the roster.

From these, which creatures can you use to take form? And for some to not be dinos anymore?

I don’t even have to look at that alone to create some interesting monsters. In fact I’ve had a few design ideas in mind for a creature that would have the head of a dunkelostis (I forgot how the name is spelled, but it was an armored fish that had jaws like a trap and it ate sharks for breakfeast. Along with maybe the arms of a crocodile, the legs would be borrowed from an animal to allow her to stand bipedal and she’d have the torso, and tail of a Mosasaurus.

Another beast I could pick out to add some mammal diversity is a monstrous take on a cave bear.

To add some another diversity I would love to have a creature that represents the synapsids. the reptiles that laid the ground work for mammal evolution. Mixing things up like the Titanophonus and the Dimetrodon

to name a few.

And then a beast that could represent the carboniferous era which was the era of giant insects and milipedes. A true bug themed character in a fighting game.

That’s just a handful I can throw off the top of my head.

All 7 gods keep their forms.
Sauron remains a T-rex
Vertigo is practically a hybrid
Armadon is a hybrid of three very defensive eherbavores
Diablo is actually an allosaurus but the plate swaps made him a smaller t-rex
Blizzard is would still be an Ape
Chaos probably an early primate ancestor of humans or a Chimp since their closest relative to us.
Slashfang remains stays as a saber-toothed cat
Talon a raptor.
Necrosan is a dracolich (an undead dragon)

All the characters should keep their original designs but boasted up to modern looks.

New characters could have a
Pterosaur hybrid with another kind of reptile (despite assumptions a pterosaur is not a dinosaur but a flying reptile.

I thought of one named Averis, the god of greed hence his green color since none of the gods have a green color unless you looked at their alt-colors

Characters like Diablo would mix of dragon/demon and allosaurus is retrained. All that were dinos are going to remain dinos.

I’m also with @Justathereptile on this to. Chaos would be a mix of chimp and an ancestor of humans before tey were considered technically human. In chaos case that’s as close to a “humanoid” fighter you are ever going to get.

To me that is a dream of a rich and diverse roster of beasts and creatures. Take what was made with the original 9 gods (the original seven including Slashfang and Necrosan) and expanding to a wild manner.

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I have all the primal rage 1996/7 figures with box intact. Plus a sealed Slashfang. Thought I’d mention it as this is PR topic.

So who owns the rights? Anybody ever figure that out?


The complete version you are talking about is at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago, it is like the only known 100% working cabinet of the game iirc.

And I would take either one, whichever one I can get I would be more than happy with lol

As for who should make it, I think IG should. They have proven they can make out of the ordinary body types without it being an issue, while NRS seems to be limited to humanoid bodies, with alien being the closest off but even the NRS alien looks more human than they do in the films, IMO.

Yeah, but that would be more because their characters all have internal organs & bone structures that a lot of x-ray moves wouldn’t work with if they strayed too far from the humanoid designs.

True and I understand that and they probably wouldn’t have to worry about that with PR, but I do rememeber what they had to do in MKA with Motaro before they even had xrays…but that was a long time ago so maybe they could do it now.

I hope when PrimalRage does get remade they don’t make the human avatars playable. Let the battle be decided by the prehistoric monster gods. Not modern mortals.

At least that’s how strongly I feel about it anyway lol.

Yeah I agree. I don’t think the avatars would have been too bad in PR2 because you could still use the dinos/monster characters if you wanted, but I do think it would be cooler with more beasts and no humans playable.

For me teveryisue itself was that you CAN play as them. And it honestly felt like Primal Rage didn’t have it’s identity. When I play Primal Rage I think of prehistoric monsters fighting. Not giant himans, and even if you could just pick the dinos if you were to play single player, you’ll fight the humans at some point. Not something that amuses me.