Price to get all shadow skins

I added up all the shadow skins and it will cost 28,300 KI Gold this means people who want to buy skins instead of unlocking them will need 18,000 KIG- $52.48, 7,500 KIG-$26.95 and a 3,375 KIG- $13.45 to get to the right amount with out over spending this is a total of $92.88 (AU)

people who want to unlock it will need 915,000 shadow point’s to get all the skins

(this does not include the Mimic, Gold or Terror Skin this is for the Shadow Skins only)

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It’s just a little way too much.


I know right

Not everything has to be instant-unlock, you know.

It’s good to have things to work your way towards, but you have the option to speed it up with KI Gold if you so choose.

If you don’t want to pay any actual money, just play the game you’re already going to play! Shadow Lab fights will earn you Shadow Points, (I think you’ll get some by fighting Shadows in Shadow Lords too) and you can maximize your points by playing against high-SP-tier Shadows.


I like the long grind and excessive price, it means the skins will remain rare and special as opposed to everyone just unlocking them all.


I’m just happy they are all unlockable in game.


How do you unlock them? If you were not gunna just use ki gold, or shadow points.

you cant KI Gold or Shadow Points is it

Shame it takes so long. Oh well… at least it’s something to work towards to again?

Can’t really complain anymore since they’re unlockable in game despite the grind. I don’t like it but hey, it gave me a reason to play again since I don’t touch Online at all.

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I’m excited! All characters lvl 50 with all Mimics, more skins to grind for!! Woo!! Fulgore first as always though.

Shadow Points. The way to unlock them is to earn shadow points in game and “buy” them. I’m probably going to start really going after them after I get the rest of the Mimic skins. I think I have like 6 left to get, so I might just grind those out and then get back into the shadow lab.

I wish there was something you could buy that just unlocked everything as soon as it came out with out having to buy additional KI Gold just to Unlock it. I fined the Shadow Points to be way to high to unlock just 1 shadow color little known all of them and pretty much $100 real money to unlock all the shadow color’s but only the shadow color’s that way. I mean I get this is a budget game and it need to make as much money as it can but come on this is starting to pull the piss.

Too rich for my blood and if you think about the grind you need to do just for the shadow skins, imagine the grind for the gold and terror skins… i’m not up for paying for that in cash and I don’t think i’m up for grinding for it either, it’s just too much.

Yea its too bad they aren’t currently pushing for lobbies or exhibitions with any incentives, and instead have to deviate from the parts of the game you love.

I’m sure part of it is just trying to get more people interested in the game and continually playing it.

"Man exhibition’s fun, but it’d be nice to have more people playing"
They spend $XXXX and put in yyy hours to make a new mode.
“Well that was fun, well back to exhibition…hey, there’s more people here”
*repeat 4X

“Man, why do we have all this extra junk around here? I just want to play exhibition.”

Anyway it’s all optional, which is both it’s good and bad point. I know my inner completionist is screaming at the screen every time they add more grindy stuff to the game, but at the same time I’d like new stuff to keep things fresh, but at the same time I don’t want that new stuff to murder my wallet, but at the same time…

It’s just a vicious cycle.

On the plus side though you can work on training your Shadow while you’re playing these other modes, provided you’re not switching characters too often, and they will be earning shadow points for you while you’re playing in those other modes…so there’s that.

All in all the game seems like more & more it’s not designed to do everything with everybody, rather just work on a handful and max those out instead, and leave the rest of the cast alone. I know it’s not how I like it, but that seems to be how they’re seeming to work it.

I suppose the season is probably wrapping up for the most part. There will be updates here and there, but I’d guess we’ve gotten the bulk of it. It makes sense to me that they’d give us some grindy goals to cut our teeth on while we wait for the next big news. Hell, Goddard even used the word ‘grind’ in IG’S new vid to describe what players will be doing to get these shadows. I’m okay with it, it will keep me occupied while I wait for (hopefully) season 4.

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While I agree with the overall sentiment, I think the prices are a little outlandish. Who decides if my shadow’s skin will cost me 5k points or 75k points? Why should one be more than the other? I think tops the skins should run 25k points, a nice medium number that’s not impossible to obtain.

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At first I thought they were to high priced also, but when you think about how many matches each mimmic took to unlock, then it is almost even. Now keep in mind that I am talking about getting 1000 points per shadow battle. For example: Fulgore’s Mimmic is around 100 mimmics to unlock, and his shadow is 75000. If each mimmic was 1000 shadow points, then Fulgore’s Mimmic costs more than his shadow skin. Wulf’s mimmic cost 75 mimmics, and his shadow skin is only 50000, so this one is also cheaper if you consider each mimmic fight worth 1000 SP. I known this doesn’t really help the cost, but it might make some people feel better knowing they cost just as much as the mimmics did.

The only draw back is the fact that there are only a few 1000 point shadows to fight, and each one has a 24 hour reset time. I don’t like that they are slowing the grind in a effort to upset people into just buying the skins. "I don’t blame IG for this, but I would blame MS.

Now this part is not a bash to IG at all. The work they have done with KI has been great, but the shadows mode has been to jacked up to enjoy. It gives me the “Ultra tech sever error” every other match, when it is trying to start the match, or the shadows are broken in one way or another. The shadows either keep jumping for no reason “I had to delete my Hisako over this”, or they get caught in a program loop, and just repeat the same exact combo with the same strengths. I know that it is most likely the way the game reads the data, but that also stops the mode from being alot more fun.

Could be worse you could get the RNGesus of Overwatch never knowing if you’ll ever even get the skin you want after dropping butt loads of cash

While I do find the costs of the skins to be a bit on the side of egregious my biggest problem is the quality of them. While I don’t have too much of an issue with what they are. I really hope this paves the way to us seeing more elaborate skins with new accessories and what have you.