Price to get all shadow skins

Eh, actually think overwatch has one of the more consumer friendly systems compared to what else is out there what with all the free loot crates you get these days and the gold system guaranteeing you’ll eventually get every skin you want (sans summer games)

What are these gold and terror skins I hear about? Did I miss something?

It is a bit pricey, but so long as it’s only for cosmetics I’m cool. Sure it could be cheaper, and unlocking them without grinding is always a good thing, but I can’t really get too upset about it cause, personally, I only use a few colours/skins as is. I still haven’t unlocked any level 50 colors myself Shatter sobs into his Aganos doll. But I can understand completionists being a little annoyed.

Honestly though, I’ll only have issue with in-game currency if KI ever tries to copy Street Fighter V. Unlocking CHARACTERS by grinding ingame money? The very thought makes me want to melon-ball my eyes out! “Oh hey all our updates to the roster are totally free! You just have to grind to unlock them is all!”

Fudge that! Fudge that with a capital “F!” …

Sorry… I’m ranting now…

Anyway getting back to cosmetics though? I’m cool.

The Gold and Terror skins are upcoming skin packs that you can preview in character select for certain characters. There’s also a glitch in the PC version that’s allowed some people to purchase these skins early (thankfully the devs said they would get to keep them).
Spoiler alert: The Terror skins are phenomenal

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How much are they? My PC version stopped working long ago.

I don’t have the PC version because I have a potato pretending to be a laptop, but I think the thread I linked said that $5 USD gets you a pack of 3.

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I’m in one of those meme moods tonight.


Earn it… Fight!!