Presentation XBOX SCORPIO

Hi guys, for these of you who didn’t know about it, the xbox scorpio will be presented today at 15h european that mean in less than 45 minutes now and 9 in the morning for some americansso guys dont mis it , just google it en enjoy. see y’all later :grin:

Unless your rocking a 50 foot monitor that things useless.
For now anyway.

I like the specs that they’re talking about, and Eurogamer certainly seems to be heaping the praise on in articles that I’ve read. I haven’t had the chance to watch the video yet. I’ll probably do that after work.

Thought this was a good article about backward compatibility.

Also like GI’s short(ish) but sweet take, the tech comparison chart, the benefits of having the console with or without a 4K TV and their observation about 1st party support at the end.

This thing looks like it’s going to be a really good console, and I’m interested. But as an Xbox One owner already, I’d probably need two things:

  1. Some type of mega-deal where if I trade my Xbox One in for this, the price is reduced substantially. I’m not expecting this at all, which mean’s I’ll likely wait. But also…

  2. More high caliber 1st party games across a multitude of genres. Like, a LOT more, and I’ll probably need to see them looking prettier and running better on Scorpio for me to say “okay, I think I need that system.”

Xbox One’s first party lineup has been pretty weak lately (excluding Halo Wars 2 and Dead Rising 4 all the way back in December) and outside of Crackdown, there’s nothing on the horizon that peaks my interest. I’m hoping for a new KI game or season announced at E3, but really, they need a substantial number of games, all looking gorgeous, to make me want to buy on day one, otherwise I’m likely holding off.

Maybe I’m just crabby, but there’s only one number I care about for the Scorpio and that’s $$$. This hasn’t been confirmed but it looks like they are shooting for $500. To me, that’s pretty much the maximum feasible price point. Anything over $500 is suicide and will only cause aggravation to the two or three people who buy the thing before the inevitable price drop. Still, it’s a relief to hear they aren’t targeting $6-800.

Now I just have to look at the personal value proposition. Yes, it’s an impressive box. Yes, it will have benefits to my existing library. But do I want to pay $500 to increase my load times and frame rates while loosing my Kinect? I have two machines running at the moment and the one I most want to see improved load times (for KI) is on a low latency 1080p monitor. Anyway, we’ll see if they can sell me.

The backward compatibility is a huge positive, but I’m going to need something really appealing to get me to upgrade.

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No, this is where I’m at too. I like the benefits, but the price will be a huge factor. That’s why I’m hoping they’ll have some sort of deal where upgrading from XB1 to Scorpio knocks a huge portion off of the price tag, but I’m certainly not holding my breath on that by any means.

Like I said above, I really need to see some big time exclusives that look a good deal better on Scorpio. I mean, I keep seeing stuff about how this isn’t just a console refresh, but a generational leap. If that’s the case, then show me games, specifically the exclusives, that show me I need to upgrade from what I already have. Even then, I still might wait if the price is too high.


Same here, enjoying my Switch right now, but if they bring the games for the Scorpio, I’ll get one. So far the Xbox One era has been a big disappointment so far after the awesome xbox360 gamewise (with some exceptions like KI off course)


Only a few features I truly care about. 4k is utterly useless to the average gamer and a slight performance boost can only warrant so much money. Backwards compatibility is welcoming, but shouldn’t be the selling point.

Are games going to be upgraded? Will they be similar to NN3ds vs N3ds’s approach to making only a few games exclusive? Will the development company spend more resources making one game inherently better than the other because of previous console limitations?

Lots of things to consider that will either make or break this console, for me at least. -

I hope IG is developing a new KI around Scorpio right now. Season 3.5 could be their way of buying time & keeping KI relevant while they have a bigger trick up their sleeve. An E3 reveal would be appropriate :slight_smile:

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Congrats… You have made the most insane statement I’ve read on these forums to date. :slight_smile:

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Ok, that was random :l

Not sure if you’re serious, but I tend to agree with @oTigerSpirit on this. I actually have a 4K tv and I’m in no great hurry to get games running on it. How’s the PS Pro selling, does anyone know? I just don’t see 4K as a big selling point. It’s the feature I’m least interested in for the Scorpio. As it is I can barely read the text on my Xbox One displayed in 1080p. How much smaller do I need the pixels to be? I’m not planning to buy a 65 inch 4K screen and then sit two feet away from it.

Looking at the tech specs, it’s hard for me not to think MS is fighting the last war here. It’s easy to think Xbox One fell behind PS4 because of pixels and frame rates and now they are trying to get ahead in the power race. But I only think that mattered in the context of asking people to pay $100 more for a Kinect that they didn’t want when both systems at launch were being carried by third party launch titles like CoD and Battlefield. This is a totally different scenario. They are offering upgraded hardware, not a “next generation” launch. Im in the ecosystem already so I’m sure I will upgrade eventually. But for $500? Probably not at launch. Is the upgraded hardware going to make people jump from PS4 in order to play the next CoD in 4K? Seems doubtful.

If they want people to buy this thing they need games that are going to look spectacular. And even then, if you can get those same games to look pretty damn good on Xbox One and save $200 are people going to really crave the extra horsepower?

I dunno. My default assumption is they know better what they are doing than I do but I’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing there was some game that was going to be super compelling to play in 4K…

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I would love to see DOOM running on Scorpio in 4K 60fps o r 1080p at higher fps 90 -120 or something.
battlefield 1 in 4K 60 fps.
If MS would make a deal with turning in older xbox one (s) for a Scorpio (less price), i would buy me one.
But first wait afther E3 and see what MS has in store for us.
The forza demo is already a good start running 4K at 60fps and power to spare.
Can’t wait for E3. :slight_smile:

Im new to he 4K realm and in my short time of experience with this new 4K TV and the Xbox one S compared to the PS4. The few 4K games I do have do look amazing and it is a noticeable difference between the 2. And if you are jumping from regular HD TV to a 4K TV and upgraded system it look 100x times better.

Ive been itching to make the PS4 PRO jump ever since I got the 4k tv and seen the difference on the X1S. Now I cant wait to see Dark SOuls with its new upgrade to PS4pro enhancement…Horizon Zero Dawn has a 4K update coming soon. NIOH plays in 4K.

Im trading in my PS4 for a PRO tonight or tomorrow… I cant wait!

But that’s just me…I like to have the best possible graphics I can get, no matter how minuscule it is.


You do realize that 4K is truly more of a marketing tool?

4k, 8k, 10k is becoming the new MP marketing battle seen in digital photography. They boast 15MP but in reality that doesn’t really make a display much better, in DSLRs you really only need 5.

Similarly, 4K isn’t all that much “omg amazing!” as you’ve been fooled to believe by most marketing strategies. It’s great, beautiful and clearer, sure, but you have to be relatively close to see every detail.

But let’s ignore all that for a minute. You do realize that the average gamer doesn’t even have a 4K tv? A handful of people do, sure. But the majority still haven’t upgraded and are still satisfied with 1080p HDR.

It’s not so much insane, if you’re thinking outside of the typical consumer. Remember, resolution is relative to the eye. You have to be pretty close to see literally everything. Something hard to do on a bigger tv. Monitors are slightly different.

Essentially, if you have a 4K monitor, then that serves better for gaming than a TV would. If you’re watching movies only, than 4k is good. If you’re playing video games on like a 55inch TV, it’s not the best choice.

Considering my favorite game has sprites as it’s main thing.

Yeah I can agree partially.

Unless 4k means something else.

It’s resolution basically, so you see more clarity. It usually works best in games with a realistic design. Sprites I assume would require better frames to show the detail of animations. At least that would be what I would consider to be prioritized.

The game is gorgeous, no doubt about it. Just remember that you’ll be dropping your fps by half to reach 4k resolution.


Like every other reason a product is advertised? Duh. Obviously there’s a market for 4k or it wouldn’t be. Duh again?

Who said I said it was “OMGoth amazing!”? I said gamers are interested in it. (more than you think)

Easy to do.

The average gamer can’t afford their hobby. That’s not hard to imagine, however, those who can afford it are very much interested in 4k. Sure, there are those gamers who play Pacman and fighting games who have no need for it, but those gamers who play other games want it. If there wasn’t a “market” for it, it wouldn’t be “marketed”.

Trying to convince me that gamers aren’t interested in 4k gaming will never happen. Of course there are those not interested, but IMO I think there are enough. Apparently MS agrees with me.

Why would the frame rate drop? Its an on off switch to change the game to 4K HDR.

Its not that expensive to upgrade to 4K.
the Vizio Du1 50 inch 4K is only 498$ at walmart and has 1 frame of lag/ delay. Same TV Maximilian uses to play KI, MK, and all his console based fighting games on.

Its sooooo worth it!

Not trying to convince you to think anything. Just telling you the average gamer doesn’t have that setup. Not an opinion, just a fact. 4k is still new, not everyone is on board yet. People are still in the midst of upgrading.

Believe as you will, not going to argue with you, I was just typing my thoughts. My opinions are my own. If you are just going to insinuate an unhealthy arguement, be my guest. We’re done here though.

With the PS4 Pro, you either choose…

1080p @ 60fps
4k @ 30fps

Regardless you are choosing one or the other. You don’t get both. TV isn’t a variable, that’s just a console limitation.

AT this moment im just wondering what ED BOON will do with so much power, im pretty sure the next Mortal kombat wil destroy all Fighting games.