Potential S3 Balance/New Moves Discussion


I’m not usually one to rage, but i HATE when people ask for Thunder to get more ranged options. THE WHOLE POINT OF THUNDER IS THAT HE TRIES TO GET IN! Once he is in, its a NIGHTMARE for every character. Thunder has anti-projectile tools, anti-air tools, grab tools, low-crush tools, Back-dash chasing tools, armor moves, EVERYTHING HE COULD POSSIBLY WANT up close. PLUS THE MOST DAMAGE IN THE ENTIRE GAME! If you cant get in on someone, than they are doing their job right.

Think about this:
You are saying "My close range character needs to be able to get in more."
If you FLIPPED that statement and applied it to non-Thunder players, you would hear:
“My ranged character needs better escape tools”. Imagine if Omen, Glacius, or Kan-Ra got teleports they could use at any time. YOU WOULDN’T LIKE THAT WOULD YOU?


You mean like Dormammu? lol

Nah but I agree with you Thunder vs Omen is miserable but once you get your hands on that trolling shadow man he’s kinda dead. I was thinking that Sammamish ender should be a Stagger ender. Since Thunder using it for launch is kinda obsolete why don’t they just transform that Head he does into a staggering ender. The way Thunder headbutts you in that ender doesn’t even look like it should launch, visually it looks like you should be Stunned by it ala Stagger. Depending on the level of the ender would equate to how long you are staggered. Obviously it loses tons of damage as an Ender but gains Useful follow up properties but you can’t use CotE during Stagger, just like Shago can’t use Annihilation after a Stagger.


Spoilers for those who haven’t seen the reveal stream yet.

Looks like we were pretty spot on regarding the Sammamish followups! Nice to see we get some new approach stuff since we’re losing some damage and the ability to string Sammamish as often as before.

Getting a fully invincible LP DP is amazing though! Plus with Flipout he has a lot of new stuff he can play around with…

I’m also kind of pissed that Thunder doesn’t get the Stagger mechanic, but smaller and less physically imposing characters like Kan-Ra do? Maybe he can’t have it for balance reasons, but from a lore or general design standpoint it seems stupid to think that Thunder can’t physically hit you hard enough for a stagger.


Dat animation on the Sammamish knee…


HIs attacks create alot of block stun so IM not sure if he needed it. I was the one that said everyone should get the stagger mechanic and I got ripped on here for saying that. So Im with you on that.

I think the Tomahawk dive would have been much cooler than the drop kick though…it looks silly…wheeeeeeeeeee! lol


Would anybody who was at KIWC and had a chance to play around with the S3 version of Thunder care to weigh in here and share your experience? I’d love to know how he felt hands on.


Hey @xskeletalx , our discussion months ago about skyfall wasn’t far from the final change at the end

There is even a buff to skyfall while coated with crowns murder!


Just going to request again, if there is anybody who was at KIWC and got some hands on time with S3 Thunder, I think a lot of us would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill us in on how he felt.

Only a month or so to go, but hey, any direct impressions of how you feel the transition will be would be great!


Right, with his new balance I’m here and there about it. Love thunder always have but one thing always annoys me during game play and that’s when u try to perform a triplax and it’s Sammamish that’s executed and the other way around. It’s frustrating. Currently it’s “down forward punch” for triplax and “forward down forward punch” for Sammamish, do u see the problem?.

I’ve suggested either “forward forward punch” for triplax or “back Back punch” or “down back punch for triplax and” down forward punch" for Sammamish… Just separate the mechanics of both moves. Makes for better playing experience. Thank you