Potential S3 Balance/New Moves Discussion


its Simple:

OLD Call of the Sky

3 Kicks; a Lightboldt from the sky BUT faster than the old-one, less damage BUT hardknockdown.

This make the zoning game more neutral for both and Thunder can aproach to the oponent.

Thunder is FREE to zoning for example: Fulgore, and Kan-ra.


Say theoretically he gets his old call of sky, what nerf does he get for a better move? If you put the startup on his CoS faster, you’re intending that Thunder, one of the highest damage characters in the game, should be able to zone another Thunder? Or zone any of the slower characters? Thunder does just fine in zoning matchups. Gutter just got outplayed. All of the Evo finals matches were close and not free.


I have been mentioning the original Tomahawk move since Double Helix made this game. I think they intended for Thunder to have low mobility options. But Thunder is not a true grappler and needs something else to pressure opponents. I agree, Tomahawk would be an ideal move to bring back.

I would even like to see one more throw option. He has only one command grab!


On that point that’s kind of whay I have issues with her as Fulgore. Plus she has a web dagger that stops from trying any anti-air, and to block and punish is stopped by her down medium kick attack.

That being said on topic: I think thunder’s cos just needs a less start up time since it’s no longer annoying in that same since.


A shorter startup would improve it a bit, but I still believe it’s not the right way to improve Thunder for S3.


So long as any changes don’t give him a zoning tool I’m fine with it.

I think if they can do alot more to improve his mobility I think that will help him.


@Infilament, what’s your viewpoint on the changes to Skyfall we’ve discussed here? You are a lot more analytical about KI than I am.


So with the updated background info for Thunder, it appears we’ll be getting some improvement for Sammamish - think it’s the Skyfall stuff? If not, what do you think they’ll do with Sammamish?


I’m with the skyfall change.

Also, shammanism is fully invulnerable but cant be whiff canceled


Nah. I’m sick of people waking up all the time - I actually like that sammamish isn’t fully invulnerable. It’s already slightly more difficult to punish just because of its varying angles and skyfall; not being able to stuff it at all would be annoying.


I highly doubt thunder is going to get any changes. I’m pretty sure there will be bug fixes… but as far as moves… nah. The new system mechanics will induce more balance especially for thunder. Staggers… can you say 82% ? Lol! I’m exaggerating . . . But you get the point.


I’d love to see him get the Stagger mechanic, but they didn’t even want to confirm other S3 characters will have it, so who knows whether they’ll even consider giving it to anybody from the older seasons, regardless of whether S3 characters get it.

We got COS in Season 2, and I think it’s likely we will be seeing some move changes, or new moves for the chief in S3.


COS sucks. I still have yet to find significant use for it. Let’s face it… you can only use it right after the hard knock down on Shadow COTE. Any other time you’re playing chicken trying to get away & use it, just to waste it on accident lol. If the horn breaker overhead gets a “negate/fake out” feature where you could stop the second hit, relative to that of Cinder’s fake out, I’d be happy. That way he isn’t so easy to shadow counter. The big ■■■■■■■ already telegraphs super slow for everyone to see. He’s breakfast… lol haha get it? “Breakfast”. . . Ok ok. . . Lame.


Thunder with Stagger just seems too powerful to me. I mean maybe his Sammish wont knock down anymore unless it catches the opponent as an Anti-Air. If you DP someone while they are grounded it might just Stagger them instead giving Thunder some free Hugs or combos.


Hmmm good point. Thunder is a high risk high reward character. Doesn’t matter what match up he’s in. . he will always have to make decent reads for his lack of gimmicks. I hope they change COS to make it useful to some extent though. He’s such a turtle unless he has instinct. This new Shago/Thunder MU is giving me a hell.


Stagger looks like it will give him a little more variety in how to combo, I don’t think it would make him OP at all. As Chanchula said, he telegraphs everything he does, so Stagger looks like it would let him vary up combos a bit more.


Doesn’t Thunder already have a kinda sorta stagger with his grab linker?


I don’t see that as being similar to Stagger at all. It’s a grab linker and to me looks as though it’s manual timing.

Let’s take Horn Breaker for instance. It could just be me, but if I start a combo with Horn Breaker all I can connect with properly is a light afterwards. If Horn Breaker caused a Stagger (and it’s already a super telegraphed and easily Shadow-Counterable move) Thunder would have more ability to follow up with various moves or button strengths.

Not that I think Horn Breaker is the best move to get Stagger for, (though it’s definitely up there) because it could also be used for one of the strengths of Skyfall, his back-HK command normal, or even a new move entirely.

I’m not big into frame data or anything, but I honestly believe Thunder should receive something with the new mechanic. The only characters bigger and physically stronger than he is are Aganos, possibly Tusk and possibly Glacius (who is taller, but I have no real way to judge physical strength for him!). It would be incredibly stupid to give Stagger to smaller characters without giving it to the bigger guys who more readily fit the concept of the move, an unwithstandable smash to the face…


most important for him bringing back the eagle fireball and de falling down tommahawks then we got us original thunder :smirk_cat:


Thats a terrible idea.