Potential bonus character: Mimics

Hello everybody!

So, the title its pretty self explanatory: what if the mimics are built as the bonus character?

It would fit the role of Mokujin, from Tekken series. It should have an unique intro and outro, maybe a unique name, and even more colors (yellow, purple, blue…)
Intro: The mimic its similar to Omen, he has the same aura as the current mimics, but his mask its totally diferent, very similar to a chameleon. He comes out from a portal, yells something like “For the Shadow Lord!”, and then its body morphs into a random character with a similar effect than Omen’s shadow form
Gameplay: well, this remains the same. If the mimic morphs into Fulgore, he is Fulgore at all effects.
Outro: we see the shadow form again, and then the mimic appears with the same appearance than his defeated opponent, but with the mimic aura. With his own voice, he says “Your skills now serve to my Master! Muahahaha!”

Colors: when you choose the Mimic colours, they change the aura of the copy. We could have different mimic colors, maybe the green ones are weak, the purple ones are stronger… Maybe it can be applied in Shadow lords. Yellow mimics have full instinct from the begining, purple mimics have infinite shadow moves…

He could be placed in the random button. If you choose random, you can choose regular random (as now) or the mimic. Gameplay wise, both options are the same (you will get a random character). You can still choose the mimic colour on the characters, so for example you can choose mimic Hisako without going random

Even he can get an achievement : as mimic, play with all the characters once xD

The mask of the mimic(the chameleon) could be used as accesory for Omen.

All this point to give more charisma to the mimics, and making less generic Gargos’ army

From @developers perspective, building the mimic is making his intro, outro(although this one has variables) one accesory for Omen, and the colors. Which is less expensive than bulding a character from the begining.

What do you think, do you like the idea?

  • Yes
  • No (post why please!)

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If they’re going to make clone characters, at least make them look more different. Shago has an excuse for being a kind of clone cause he was originally a skin.

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The point its that this is already in the game. Mimics are already a thing, I just want to give them more consistency.

I mean, a mimic Thunder wasn’t Thunder all his life

That would be a good amount of work for a not very execptional result, also it doesn’t seems to fit the way iron galaxy create character. i do think they want a character fun to play, accessible to everyone and competively viable wich would obviously wouldn’t be the case for the later. But hey if they can do it in a clever and not too expensive way (aka as a bonus character) then why why not I’m sure some people would like it.

Also it could be something like double from skullgirls but i don’t think it would fit either.

I’m down for it. I’ve always thought omen was a cool character, and seeing another character from his ‘species’ would be awesome.

As far as I’m aware, the mimic was born to imitate Thunder because Gargos created him for that purpose.

Mimics can’t just switch between characters at will.

Well you can always arange the story to your taste, let’s say it was a special mimic, that would also be a good opportunity to give this character a real identity rather than “just a mimic”.

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I’d prefer to have any of the reimagined character ideas from the survey than a morphing mimic.

Just my opinion.


We have stalkers and Riptor
Fulgore and “special Eagle” and “self progaming” Fulgore
Several Omens

Why not mimics and “elite” mimics?

Me too, but thats more resource consuming than making an intro and an outro

A character that is only an amalgamation of other characters doesn’t sound appealing to me.

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This, to me, feels like you’re trying to make random select into an actual character.


So does this mean that it will take on the appearance whatever character at the time? Namco did love their “random” characters.

First off, When suggesting something new like this, NEVER make a poll. All it ever does is show how passionately people will defend the status quo.

I mean I could see an intro like that as something interesting they could add to SL for the “?” mimics, or perhaps survival for an occasional fight, or if they ever do a full arcade mode maybe as a sub-boss for Gargos. It would be great for that.

But as a regular character? They would have to rework the whole unlocking of mimic skins for characters in SL for starters.


Thats exactly what I mean.

And I’m not suggesting to create a new model which has all the movesets. Just give the SL mimics an intro and outro.

I mean, seeing a Thunder mimic saying that walks among the law… or thanks you for the battle…

Its just a trivial though. I knew it wouldn’t be a popular idea anyway

Fast movement, godlike command grab, spinning kick special. Yeah, could be interesting.


If it was to, say, replace random select, I would actually think it would be a poor-man’s random select, since you’d basically be forced into using the mimic’s colors - you’d basically be taking away the unique and wonderful appearances of each character and replacing them with a rather drab-looking thrall. And for what? A single new intro/outro and/or colors (which could simply be added to the characters themselves anyways)?

Just my opinion…

From my first post.

Random button stays. “Retro” random button its a mimic

We lose nothing

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I would have to agree with this. I recall someone making mention earlier about Making a color wheel to further customize your character. And the mini or standard player use the same intro/outro so why bother making new intro outro just for a mimic?