Post count?

Is there someplace that tracks how many posts you’ve made on the site? Just curious. I always liked that feature before because it gave you an indication of who’s been here a while, who’s new, etc. Not because I wanted to look down my nose at anyone, but if someone with 3 posts asks a question that’s been answered a million times, I’m more likely to be helpful than if someone with 2,000 posts, who’s been here forever, brings up the same topic for the hundredth time.

Just curious if that’s coming back so we can see it under our picture, perhaps with a slogan or rank or whatever. Not sure if either of those are being done.

If you click on your profile card to the main profile and under “All” would be your post count. All is your threads created and replies combined.

Gotcha. Thanks! Didn’t realize that was the full count. Wasn’t sure if something would be added that showed it under each person’s pic or if you had to go to their profile to find out, but I suppose that’s no big deal. Thanks for clarifying! I appreciate it.

Oh yeah, meant to add this too: The response time of staff on this site is INSANELY good. Seriously, every question I’ve had, you guys have responded in a minute or two. Thank you! Ya’ll rock.

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