Possible Xbox Live DDOS attack upcoming. Again

Want to make sure the KI community is aware of the potential issues we may be facing with Xbox Live in the next couple of weeks. There was a Live outage due to a DDOS attack last Christmas, and it looks like there’s another cyber attack which has been announced. I hope that something can be done to prevent this, but there’s likely to be a lot of frustration among the Xbox and PS communities if the outage happens, especially if the services are down as long as they’re anticipating.

It’s truly pathetic that people decide to disrupt fun activities like this for such a large number of people, especially considering that it’s during the time of the year when a lot of people have some vacation time from work, and children/families use these services for games, movies, and even keeping in contact. Maybe one day these offenders will actually be able to be properly charged for what I believe is actually a cyber crime.

Please note, these are not hackers - these are just ■■■■■■■■.


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I keep hearing about all these hackers and DDOS attacks yet I haven’t had a single problem in months and that was only for 2 hours max and as for what I can remember my XBL was fine throughout all Christmas last year???

There was definitely an outage last year, at least in my area (NorthEast). My wife gave me a TE2 fightstick last Christmas and I was unable to use it for at least a day due to the outage - I was unable to utilize anything on my system since I couldn’t even log into my profile.

Really maybe it’s the region everyone I knew was fine my cousin even came over boxing day and played a few matches of KI?

I get the feeling the servers they go after are the ones which hold the login/profile information, not those for specific games. If profiles are stored on different servers for different regions, maybe they’re only hitting the NA servers.

Either way, I’d love to watch these douchebags get hammered correctly - no twisting out of the charges, put them away for a good long time and prevent them from legally owning devices or hardware which would allow them to perform cyber crimes again.

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Yeah probably and yeah I would love it if they actually got hard time rather than just a slap on the wrist.

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Already feeling the hurt - I couldn’t play any of my games or use any of my apps for most of last night without having them crash within seconds due to an XBL service alert. :’(

Well… At least I’ll have Fallout…
I heard about these supposed upcoming attacks this morning. It’s just petty if you ask me. I mean come on. If you’re going to do this sort of thing wouldn’t it make sense to direct it towards people who deserve it? Like hate groups or ISIS/Daesh?
I swear, we need to stop referring to these sort of people as something so light hearted and almost empowering as “internet trolls” and give them a more fitting, more demeaning title. Something like “cuntbutts” or “shitgarglers”.

Cybercriminals in these kinds of groups claim to be doing it to “prompt better security” but it’s a load of ■■■■. I think hey choose these targets because it will annoy, frustrate and disrupt as large a group of people as possible without targeting a sector with a powerful political voice, and as such it’s a low risk for a large reward.

If they were to target someone like Google, a bank, or a government website, I’m willing to bet the charges wouldn’t roll off them so easily.

Again no access to Live now. Service down :disappointed:

(Sigh) not again… I remember Lizard Squad hack Xbox live and psn for last year. And now, they hack again! Don’t worry or panic about this. Police would caught them ret-ard hackers.

They’re already hitting the servers. MM was down for about 2 hours earlier and is having real problems right now.

I’m gettin really tired of all these DDOS attacks from these morons who think it’ll change something. Same as last year, they have forewarning so they should be able to do something about it

Yeah, yesterday and today around the same time for me… seems again okay now :sweat:

How on earth does THIS get past the swear filters!? :fearful:


It can’t go down! I just got DOA 5: Last Round! Xbox Plz!

@BoJima404, want to play one day? I’ll get my Atrox soon as well, so I can test it out! And what perfect game but DOA?

Sure, but I am currently overseas in Japan. Don’t have my copy of DoA5 or other physical games with me. :cry: Only digital downloads on my xb1 like KI… (or maybe if I find a cheap copy…)

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DOA 5: LR Is free, if you get the Core Fighters version.

Hayabusa, Ayane, Kasumi and one other person that I can’t remember. Those four, and 2 on rotation.

I got Hitomi & Akira.

It effected me last Christmas! I got an X Box ONE for Christmas from my fiancee just so I could play Killer Instinct…I had given up gaming for about 10 years…so this was a big deal to me…I was so excited to fire up the new Xbox and install KI (I had already purchased the game from the Xbox store on my lap top)

I set everything up and it wouldn’t work…i couldn’t get online…I was SO FRUSTRATED!!! I couldn’t believe how difficult setting up the Xbox was! It ruined my Christmas day! I found out later that night after i had given up…that it was the hackers.
2 days later it finally worked and I got to play and the rest is history. But man it really ruined my Xbox Christmas and first moment of KI!

I hope that doesn’t happen this year for anyone!

I can’t even use Shadow Jago:(

…I’m not quite sure. o.o Maybe because I used compound words.