Possible cheating?

This hasn’t happened to me often, but I have come across a couple of players in Ranked that seem to be cheating by way of something giving them the ability to break combos, any combo, the second very first frame allowed. Unless the last guy I played against was just super lucky and guessed right every time, no matter how I mixed up the combo it would break on hit 2 every time. What made me think some form of cheating might be the case is that it would cause the opponent to fall into counter breaker, & the second his lockout was up, without fail, the combo would break.
I’m not sure, it may have just been a legitimate player, but it seemed more…AI-like…than something a human player would do.

Sounds very fishy…

Do you have a video of this match?

yeah, I think a video is required here.

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Before we g into that I have a question: Were you using different attacks in the combo? or just the same one?

I don’t know…after watching it a couple of times while uploading it…it didn’t look out of place, but I swear during the match something just felt wrong…

Doesn’t look like he was cheating to me. Looks like you open with a lot of lights and that’s what he tried to break, the only other break was like a heavy linker which he broke on the proper frame where a reaction break would happen.

in first match you did like 4 or 5 light autos after opener, it doesn`t take a genius to break on assumption.

Maybe the chaos of the match may have given you a wrong impression. But, like others have stated, it doesn’t look like he cheated.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. He was hitting the breakers so fast & consistently it didn’t seem right…plus he kept letting me counter break him so much…but yeah, I noticed afterwards I was relying a bit too much on lights. I guess I kinda jumped the gun on crying foul.

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Looks like he’s just playing like any other Rash player


I absolutely hate Rash! Ugh he makes me so salty!


I’m dying :joy:


Interestingly enough, I had an exhibition match with a guy, and no I don’t have a recording. This was two weeks ago, that made me wonder.

The little animation above depicts how I combo pretty spot on. I don’t even know what I’m going to do lol. But the guy was playing really oddly, strange movement and choices and perfect hit confirms off lks and lps, just odd… And I was broken literally 100% first chance, every time. No matter what I was doing. I was playing Shago and after a throw, without fail, perfcwt break even though I swapped and altered my follow-ups and such. Any combo, broken immediately.

Also, he didn’t block. At all. Whenever I got close.he just spammed lights and confirmed into combos off them, but I was able to beat him after the first match becausr I realized he just… Never blocked. I got 100% broken across 4 matches but only lost the first match . I beat him by just pecking away with long range normals. Anything outside his lights range hit him, and if I chucked fireballs full screen he jumped them, with no air attacks. Just empty jumped every time, so id fireball and air attack, rinse and repeat.

I came to the conclusion I was playing some kind or script that was programmed to auto-break and just get in range for lights and combo off light hit confirms. It never did anything else.

Just adding to the discussion, I thought it was funny . I was HYPER salty after that first loss but once I realized what seemed to be happening I didn’t lose a bar for the remaining matches - I’d still try to combo just for fun.

To me it doesn’t look like cheating. He was a really good Glacius player to me. Still that was a pretty awesome match.

Also I guess he let you break him a few times to butter you up for some serious roasting.

I was Glacius

If he was jabbing into combo well he obviously had Combo Assist on… as for the break he must have been mash breaking and got lucky. There is no way to “Cheat” at this game.

Only Lag switching to slow it down and put you at a disadvantage but that’s it.

I worry about how accurate your recorded replay is to your actual fight, though - you have to remember that those aren’t actual replays, just recreations based on stage and characters chosen, positioning, and button prompts. It may not effectively account for things like lag and what-not. So, in other words, it’s entirely possible that although it’s similar, that is NOT the fight that you witnessed as it occurred. I bring this up because I know recorded replays have been woefully inaccurate in the past. If you see this kind of thing happen again, I highly recommend you record the actual fight. If you need more than 30 seconds, you can make adjustments in your Xbox settings so it can record up to the last 5 minutes; conversely, you can just snap the “game dvr” app after the fight and manually tell it to end a clip that records up to the last 5 minutes. :wink:

Regarding your experience itself, I’ve had occasional matches where the same thing has happened - the opponent breaks on the very 1st opportune frame, never falls for counter-breakers, never drops a combo, and creates combo openings with quick attack cancels into openers. I know there are good players out there, for sure, but sometimes it’s hard to look at this kind of match and think that that kind of thing is even humanly possible (heck, it might even be a pre-programmed bot that “reads your every move”). Personally, I don’t think it is humanly possible - after all, everyone makes mistakes. :wink:

That’s true…I’ve actually had a couple of replays where it actually failed and both players were just sitting there awkwardly moving back & forth making random jabs at each other, and then they just sat there for a few seconds & it was over.

I possibly would have attempted a record of the actual fight, but I wasn’t on my XB1(that’s why the fast load times…playing off a SSD) and I had recording turned off on my PC because it was causing other programs to crash. I turned it back on to record the replay.

The thing is, I dont think he was cheating. If he was cheating then what he was doing would give him some advantage, and aside from me learning slowly, it was VERY easy to beat once I realized what it was doing.

As to it being impossible to cheat, that may be, and likely is, but some kind of program designed to send a series of commands based on certain criteria wouldn’t be all that hard to accomplish I would think. Some kind of basic detection that told the script when it had landed a hit to initiate a combo sequence, with the same type of detection running to determine if the hit was blocked and some kind of combo-hit detection. I cant say I know how to do all that, but aside from the detection I dont think it would be difficult at all to send a series of keyboard commands based on what it detected.

This wasn’t anything sophisticated at all, it was very basic. It never did a jumping attack of any kind. It only ever empty jumped and it never blocked - not once. It auto-broke everything. 4 matches, numerous life bars. My memory isn’t reliable, but I would venture a guess that it auto-broke me 15+ times perfectly. I only ever walked into range (It was playing Shago as well btw) and light punched or kicked, then either combo’d, or repeated one or the other attack. The combos afterward were different, but I bet if I had stuck around, Id have found it randomly choosing between a handful. It wasn’t reactionary at all, aside from breaking and confirming. It just repeated its little pattern with SUPER basic avoidance for fireballs. If it was a person and he/she was luck breaking, he/she needs to play the lottery, cause 15+ times was pretty amazing, especially given how terrible the rest of the play was, aside from perfect confirms.

I really believe that what I ran in to was a bot of some kind in its very early stages. A guy named ToolAssisted does something similar in SFIV and V, though he controls his directly and judging by its behavior, IM pretty sure this thing was operating on its own under some very basic criteria. I personally would like a ToolAssisted type guy to pop up, I think its fun to goof off against that kind of stuff.

This isnt a matter of salt from me, I just thought Id add to the discussion that I had run in to something really weird. I mean, it could have been a person, I certainly dont know for sure, but if it was, that was the strangest fight I have ever had.

Can confirm, actual footage of my friend while playing Rash. :joy: