Possible cheating?

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Hey guys, do you think its possible to program a “bot” to execute what is being said above? Just curious as I would think you guys would know the answer better than anyone here “speculating”.

As to it being impossible to cheat, that may be, and likely is, but some kind of program designed to send a series of commands based on certain criteria wouldn’t be all that hard to accomplish I would think. Some kind of basic detection that told the script when it had landed a hit to initiate a combo sequence, with the same type of detection running to determine if the hit was blocked and some kind of combo-hit detection. I cant say I know how to do all that, but aside from the detection I dont think it would be difficult at all to send a series of keyboard commands based on what it detected.

Gif of the year.

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I’m pretty positive its possible. I know I’m not who you asked, I’m just adding this in…

Maybe KI does things differently, but I have a good friend who spends all his time cheating at LoL. I mean he CHEATS. Not a little. He has bots and crap that he pays a subscription monthly to use that do some WILD ■■■■. Like some kind of weird semi-tracking that estimates enemy champs positions when they are in the FOG. It takes in to account movement speed and likely routes, items that effect that speed, everything. It puts up little bars and stats on people that tell him exactly how much damage he can do if he dumps, it auto-shoots skillshots with freakish precision, monitors every enemy minion and auto-last hits and gives him a little readout that tells him exactly how much damage an enemy can do to him. It has individual scripts per champ used. Watching that thing essentially play a champ like Katarina (high burst and her skills refresh on kill) is terrifying. I see him go 3v1 and walk away constantly. You can set it to pursue mode, so it will even auto-flash to follow if it cant catch up on its own, and since it calculates all movement options, speed, cooldowns, etc, it knows if it has to flash or not. On the subject of skill shots, it will also autoevade enemy skillshots, again, with freakish precision. Its not perfect of course but its damn close, like magic-ninja-insane close. I tracks enemy ability cooldowns as well and though Ive never seen it do this, it has a feature to communicate with OTHERS using the same program so it can coordinate with them. It has other features as well but I only know what I watch him use. And yes, hes a scumbag for using it, though I find it hilarious to watch - I find it hilarious because I dont play LoL so watching him wreak havoc doesnt bother me. If I were to see something similar climbing through ranked in SFIV or V or KI or whatever, I would not find it funny because, I guess, I am a bad person.

Ive watched him, in lane, engage, and while killing an enemy champ, STILL last hit minions while juking skillshots then backing out safely. All at once. The bot/script/thing that he uses (it might be a combination of more than one, i dont really know) is VERY advanced and capable of some scary shiznit. RIOT does a lot to stop and detect such things and hes been using this and others like it for two years or more and I think hes only ever lost two or three accounts.

LoL and a fighting game are obviously very different, but if something like that can exist and work as well as it does in LoL, I have NO doubt something as rudimentary as the bot I think I ran in to could exist.

Im guessing you could easily send commands to the KI client via the keyboard buffer. You arent needing to intercept data or anything weird like that. So, Imagine, and Im sure Ill be corrected here, but imagine this:

A program that monitors your KI window. It doesnt need to isolate the KI window at all though, it just runs on top of everything. So if KI was minimized, it would cease to function. All its doing, is at a specific point on the screen (this would require the client to be positioned in a specific location) it runs a little loop. The beginning of the loop sends a keyboard command for punch or kick. You can add a simple RNG element to this to decide which one it throws. After it sends this command it has a tiny pause, then it samples the pixels at a specific location - the enemies health - and compares the color pulled from the monitor sample. Depending on what it finds, it either repeats the loop or moves on to a second portion… a little If/Then statement. If the color pulled matches the color of the opponents health, then the punch was either blocked or missed, so it just throws it again. If they are a different color, one matching what the little program understands as damage, it knows the punch or kick landed. Then it just rolls in to a series of commands for the combo, which Id would image to be VERY simple. Then, as this happens, another function starts that keeps sampling the pixels to follow the damage done, so when the initial cycle begins again it knows where to take its samples from.

Now, obviously this is massively simple and anyone who knows how to program/code/script/whatever who read that probably got a nosebleed, ■■■■ themselves then fell down. Im sure I used a hundred wrong words and this can be done MUCH better a million different ways…,. All Im meaning to do is illustrate how you can make a very very rudimentary ‘bot’ by sampling pixel color at certain monitor coords (im sure this can be done… My GF has a ‘color picker’ tool that she uses to grab colors she likes from my games, a photograph, desktop, anything. She does photo editing and any time a color strikes her fancy she loads this little thing up and touches the dropper to the color and she gets the RGB or Hex code for it). and using this to check for various changes on the screen, then just send commands down the keyboard buffer depending on what the little color picker finds. This method doesn’t interact with the client in any way, just the top ‘layer’ of your monitor. Now, how this would detect and break combos perfectly, I have no idea - but Im no coder, Im just making a guess as to how this could be accomplished in a very rudimentary fashion.

I do want to be clear though, I am NOT saying this is happening regularly. The last thing we need is some bot-scare where any time someone breaks a combo the other person justr screams HAX0RR! Ive only ever seen anything like it one time, against this one guy and Im sure if others had seen it they would be posting up. With KI on PC now though, its not surprising that people may be tinkering with work-arounds.

Botting in online fighting games is surely a thing, no doubt. things like CheatEngine can send info on who’s being hit and when, etc. Hard to use but possible with patience:

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Take a Google at “TOOLASSISTED SFIV” and see a bot in action.

Of course this guy is cheating, he’s using Rash!

Seriously though…

You must have never seen Khoalsky fight. He could break everything on reaction. Yes, he was that good.

If you know the animations for the strength you can break just about anything.

I don’t see this person cheating. Generally if somebody has “hacked” the game, like somebody did in SFV, you’re going to get anomalies and strange frame breaks and tears.

This person just read you like a book. If I find somebody breaking my combos consistently, then I change tactics, start dishing out the manuals, and mixing and matching strengths.

I don’t know it seems possible that it could be a bot if you watch the vid closely he/she did the same combo loop in both fights it was the wrecking ball into the kick and the light punch combo and if the LP was blocked a throw was activated and to be counter broken 3x straight for a godlike combo in the 2nd match

Online is broken, especially ranked where people deliberately lag to disrupt the pace of the match. I have a clip against a guy that only did medium autodoubles and I couldn’t break any, kept getting locked out. Then again it could be a cross play issue/bug, I’m on pc.

The online used to be really good but the game online has devolved into lag tactics and counterpicking.

Which reminds me, has anyone made a lag tier yet? Tusk is probably at the top of the “lag tier”.

Online still works great. I guess I’m not running into the same people you are.

What? Ranked is a locked 2/3 with only one character select at the start. If you’re talking about exhibition, that’s a thing I guess, but I regularly get FT5s/FT10s with folks using the same character throughout.

As far as the counter picking, people pick to counter the character you used last. If I am in ranked playing Tusk I am guaranteed to run into an army of Hisakos. People who aren’t even very good with her have just heard that she’s good against Tusk so they pick her.

The lag is 90%+ in people’s imagination. If it lags and you win, no one notices. But if it lags and you lose? Rage ensues. That guy must have been cheating and it only lagged during your combos or break attempts. These folks must be really good at both playing the game and flipping lag switches on and off…

Hey I played you in Exhibition! Ggs!

I agree though. I’m finding more laggy matches than ever in Ranked. Magic Lag always hacks me off. Well that and Rash. :joy:

Guess I’ll just classify my ISP as godlike then? I get one laggy match out of maybe 40 or 50. KI for me outperforms SFV online by leaps and bounds - about 1/10 matches of SFV are wrought with random teleportation and are a genuine waste of time.

I disagree in terms of lag. When you encounter a person who is truly lagging the match you’ll get a host of issues during your combos. In the cases that I’ve experienced, frames will start dropping and the game will slow to the crawl. Whether I win or lose I record all of these matches and send them to IG for review.

Laggy matches lag through the entire match, not just at times that will negate ONLY your offense and defense.

Never underestimate the lengths people will go to cheat.

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Lag switchers absolutely do exist, just to make myself clear on that matter. I have also run into them - thankfully for me it’s a rarity - but this is a pretty accurate depiction of the experience.

I do think that some people are way too quick to call “lag switch” though. If it’s lagging during their combos or while they have the momentum, it doesn’t really make sense to throw that accusation out.

One tell-tale sign - when lag spikes happen where guess breaks usually would. It’s another version of “hitting the ‘oh sh**’ button”.

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I wonder if this is related:

I’ve had battles where I’ve fought it and it’s come out one way, but when I go back into the fight archive feature to record it, it either shows a different version of the fight with the same result, or it doesn’t save the entirety of the fight. Would make sense if a bunch of programmed inputs were being placed into the data that it might go a little strange right?

Just thinking is all

Wouldn’t it then be easy to “counter the counter” by, after picking Tusk, picking a Hisako counter?

I myself don’t do that but currently I’m maining Aganos with a backup Fulgore. Everytime I see someone that chose a character I know I have problems to beat with Aganos I go with Fulgore and usually the person will stick with his last choice because he just saw that I chose Aganos previously.

No doubt. If you want to confuse and perturb people with counter picking online it is easy to do.

Myself (and I suspect others) generally have a main, or some character we are grinding levels with and we just pick that person over and over. It’s part of the game for people to counter pick - so I’m not complaining (even if it can sometimes be annoying). I was just explaining what was meant in the original post.

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Yeah - you just have to expect that you’re gonna get a sh**y MU thrown in your lap every now and then. It’s part of the FG journey.

You could always counterpick the counterpick by going into a single-player mode and picking a character that has a counterpick that’s a bad choice for your main character to use as your “last used character” - then you go into multiplayer, pick your main character, and hope that they take the bait and bite the carrot on the stick. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would like to find a counter pick list, because I don’t know who how people figure out who is the counter to certain characters. I don’t have a problem with it. I just look at it as “they” need the edge because they don’t have skill. Counter picking is not a skill, but a way to try to use a loop hole in the game