Portable Killer Instinct

I play Super Smash Bros on my DS. All the time. It got me thinking. How great would it be if we had a portable version of Killer Instinct. I think it would be awesome, but has ever no idea What the best way to go about it is. My only ideas [poll max=20]

  • Windows Phone Version
  • Nintendo 3DS Port
  • Nintendo Switch Port
  • Some New Xbox Portable
  • Spend thousands of dollars on a gaming laptop

I don’t really see KI branching out to non-windows platforms to be honest.


Windows 10 tablet or laptop?



I just put that there because they are thriving portable consoles. That way Microsoft wouldn’t have to make their own. I mean, look as the PSP/Vita and how well those went. Plus phones and tablets are not good for complex games like KI.

I was able to barely run KI on an core m tablet…
Core i5 should do it…

It’s not the same. I want to hold the machine in my hand and press buttons.

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The Switch would be the best to use performance-wise. That being said, the closest I see to a mobile port is maybe some sort of KI themed mobile game.

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I would love KI on the Switch. And Phill Spencer has said that he would put Banjo in smash. I know that’s a really big stretch. But I can dream can’t I!

Minecraft is on Switch and that’s owned my Microsoft now …

3ds makes the most sense.

The Switch is the Laptop of consoles, not a true portable. (people really think its pocket friendly lol)

That’s probably because if Microsoft made Minecraft an Xbox exclusive it would be suicide. It would pretty much damn them in the eyes of the public to make a game that’s made it onto every platform from PC to console to iPhones into an exclusive title after the fact. It would put them on virtually everyone’s list of "worst corporations ever"
Kinda like how Sony didn’t stop MS from putting a Blu-ray player in the Xbox even though you’ll never see Bloodborne on an Xbox, or how you can run Microsoft Word on a Mac. Some things don’t make sense to keep exclusive.


The only way I see this happening is with a gaming laptop or Xbox makes there own portable. Sorry but I do not see it coming to Nintendo Systems unless the made KI a third party title.

I don’t see tha thappening, unless MS was willing to put money into a hand held or something. Othrwise, heck yeah a portable version would be neat.

I know at one point MS’s stance on portable games was neutral and IIRC Rare made a couple of GBA games after the MS buyout. I don’t know about now. My guess is it depends on if they are viewing the games as something to move hardware or just as a product in & of themselves.

Also, I’m not sure if they would even think about it this way, but if they were really wanting to sell the idea of cross-platform play anywhere games, putting KI on the Switch probably wouldn’t be the worst idea. Hell, with KI being an older franchise know for its relationship with Nintendo it would definitely be one of the first games they should port if any, Nintendo fans would eat it up and KI would have new life breathed into it…that and Rare Replay, which would also be a must. (RR featuring DK Country games and Starfox Adventures…not a bad idea).

But now that MS makes tablets and phones, it’s hard to say if they would go with another company’s hardware to play their games on. With the “play anywhere” games requiring Windows 10, my guess would be no.



…be on a non MS platform, but that being said, I’d love it on the Switch.

Quick story…and if anyone has any input, I’d love to hear your perspective.

I have a dilemma. I want a laptop primarily to game on. The only game I really want though on it, is Killer Instinct. Of course I’d use the Laptop for other purposes, but honestly, those other purposes I can, and do, use my phone and tablet for. So yeah, I really just want a good laptop as a portable extension of my X1.


…the Switch comes out in a little over a month.

A good laptop would cost me upwards of $500, where a Switch + game would cost me under $400.


The laptop would definitely have more versatility in general, allowing me to have a PC at my every beck and call (keep in mind that I’d only be using it on WiFi as I’m not getting a cellular plan with this, or planning on tethering my phone to it), but at the same time I really wouldn’t be able to use it to game (again, my primary reason for getting one) in as many situations as the Switch seeing as the Switch is built with this specific type of gaming versatility in mind.

So what would be the smarter thing to do? Get a switch with one game (Zelda), looking forward to Mario down the line, and maybe pick up a few other titles. Or get a Laptop, and cross-play KI, and maybe a few other games that are available on Windows.

Thinking deeper about it, I guess with a laptop I’ve be able to get into the Steam side of things too. that is another check on the laptop side of things too…

Except sony doesnt own bluray. Oh and mohjang or whatever the companies name is has not changed the way they operate.

Do what you please but personally I would want to get a Switch as soon as possible just for the sake of having it. That way when the holiday season comes around with more games, I can now just focus on the games rather than the system + games.

I can see them throw Nintendo a bone if it can make them money. They did it with Minecraft.

My gut initially voted for the switch. But now that I think about it, it might be terrible choice.

Can the Switch even run KI?

The lobbies and matchmaking would be terrible.

The switch doesn’t even have a D-pad for portable play.

Nah bruh, rather play on a surface tablet.

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You’ve got a great point. Though it would be amazing to play KI on the go like that, I don’t / wouldn’t feel like paying $80 for a good controller, or more for a fightstick, for a system I really have not inclination to play multiplayer on. Switch to me is a single player console.

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