Portable Killer Instinct

You would absolutely want to use a controller with how hard KI kills buttons.

Minecraf was already on a million different platforms, I don’t think they had much of a choice if they wanted Minecraft to continue to succeed.

Why tablet though. That thing doesn’t even have a controller. That’s why I voted for 3DS. It would have to be scaled back, but at least it would have the necessary buttons.

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The new nvidia shield portable will be better in speed.
The Switch will be better overall.

What do you mean?

I voted for the Switch, but after reading @DurtyDee810 's comment I think that may be a poor idea.

I asked why people were voting for tablets because tablets are not gaming devices. They don’t have built in buttons, so so have to hook up a controller. I want to be able to hold the device and screen in my hands, the way a single person would play a Switch or 3DS.

OK. Yeah, I get that. Not my ideal gaming platform, at least for fighters.

Then again, Shadow fight 2 is a pretty amazing game on tablets…


I have a PC that is comparable in perfornance to an Xbox 360, and KI runs on it, albeit not as well as the XB1 version graphically (my main PC on the other hand can run DOOM on ultra settings). If the switch is anywhere near comparable to XB1 & PS4 base models, and from all indications it will be, it should run KI just fine. It won’t be as pretty as the PC version on maxed out settings, but it should run just fine.

As far as controls…now, yeah…the initial joycons probably wouldn’t be the best, but Hori is making a fight stick for it, and my guess is joycons later will come in several varities including one with a decent dpad (my guess is retro-themed such as a gamecube layout, n64, etc), so where right now perhaps it wouldn’t be the best with the joycons with the other controller options it would be just fine.

I think his point was more the infrastructure behind/around the console.

For one, the online wouldn’t be near as good as the X1 seeing as the Switch doesn’t even have chat functionality without a Smart-phone. The match-making too is being handled on another device…that is just dumb, and is the polar opposite of how things are handled on the X1. There is no doubt that KI can be optimized to play on the Switch, but would it be worth it?

And I say all this really wanting a more portable way to play the game…which is why I’m on the fence for a laptop.

You should get a Surface Pro 4.

I got one for my lil daughter for $900 in black Friday. She can play all her little indie steam games on there. And I found out that it can run KI.

I know it’s 3 times the price but it is worth it for me.

Getting a Surface would be cool, but I want to stick to around $500. Getting last years model, or the model from 2 years ago, doesn’t bother me. I don’t need bleeding edge.


surface Pro can run Killer Instinct?
is there a video of this

I ran it before and it did decnet on the minimum settings. Here is an article about it http://www.windowscentral.com/surface-book-gaming-lets-test-xbox-pc-games

I’ll download the anniversary update and try it again to if it is any better.

EDIT: idk why, but I can’t download the anniversary update on the surface pro 4. I’m stuck on the 1511 build. I might be having similar problems that @Infilament had. I won’t bother trying to do it right now. I don’t want to mess up my daughter’s tablet. She loves that thing.

If all else fails, you can get a gameboy and the og gb ki for about $25 alltogether. I still play that one all the time XD

Lol! I have that GameBoy Killer Instinct game as well!

It didn’t have all characters I don’t think? I remember the blotchy orchid and he lasaken and the ‘shocky crunch’ effects.

Uhh, I don’t see the option for paying $700 for a gaming laptop. That’s what I did.

Lol yeah they took out Riptor and Cinder. Those poor characters got the axe twice and didn’t even make it to season 1. They were well missed for like 20 years XD

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I have it as well, and it’s better with the Super Game Boy…it uses its own unique color pallets, has a custom border, and it can be played 2-player on 1 cartridge.

…of course even with all of that it is still the absolute worst KI port out there…but it was still pretty awesome for Game Boy


I frankly love the idea of the Switch, but in reality I just want a powerful portable PC, a handheld (not a laptop).

Something like the SMACH Z on Kickstarter (I think its Kickstarter) would Run Killer Instinct Windows 10 I bet just fine. But that has yet to release and costs quite a bit, also doesn’t have a D-pad for some stupid reason.

Really I want a handheld windows computer that cann run a game like KI on low. I looked up videos of the “GPD Win” which is a handheld PC, and it cannot runn KI from what I saw (not well).

So maybe the best we can hope for is for computer hardware to catch up and be able to run it, or a SUPER LOW setting added to KI, that simplifies the polygons way down, removes most lighting, and reduces particle effects. That way it could run on the current Windows handhelds.

I do not trustt Nintendo an am staying away from the Switch. And a PC would have… an enormous steam catalog playable anywhere, and with a real controller.

However, I do not own a gaming PC. Right now I’m on the hunt for a PC Handheld. Something like the Smach Z (crowd funded, yet too be released). So I understand why you’d want the Switch, handhelds are far more convienent and you may find yourself enjoying games more because of that convenience. I haven’t been playing KI recently, largely because I just dont feel like sitting at my computer and playing, I want a handheld. So with a Switch I could see myself sitting down with ARMS or some racing game and having fun.

All of this is to say, a PC is far more valuable and versatile. But me personally, am looking for a handheld to enhance my game-playing experience. So its really about whether you want something to be highly functional (PC) or highly convenient (Switch).