Poll: Next KI Community Fund options VOTE

1 and 3 for me.

With the PC release costumes are really kind of pointless as there will be plenty of ways to mod in whatever costumes you want (Don’t be scared, it’ll just be local and won’t effect gameplay).

2.Retro(throwback) stages

This would probably be my favorite idea of OPs. I like more stage options, and some of the old KI stages would look amazing if realized in modern graphics. Honestly, some of them still hold up for me. So yeah, I think it’d be very cool to get a few of these, especially if this Fund turned in to a small pack that had maybe two retro stages and…

3.Shadow Characters

Perhaps one of these characters. My vote between Shadow Maya, Shadow Orchid and Shadow Kim Wu is definitely Orchid, as she’s Jago’s sister and seems to have a sort of power that she doesn’t understand, or at least didn’t in her origin story.

It’d be cool to have this version of the character as another member of Gargos’ army. Perhaps she could get the Lasaken projectile that many wanted for Orchid in the first place. Either way, more characters are never a bad thing, in my mind, especially if theyr’e as well realized and unique from a gameplay perspective as Shago is now.

4.Alternative costumes

I’d be okay with this, but I don’t know if this, by itself, would be enough to get me to really feel good about shelling out money. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the community fund is for a good cause and I fully support that, but if we’re talking about things that I’d eagerly fork over some dough for? It wouldn’t be this alone. If this were part of a pack of goodies, then great, bring em on.


Honestly, and I know I’m in the minority here, which is fine, but I couldn’t care less about Ultimates. I think it’s cool that Shago has one, but I don’t need one for every character. They’d likely be watered down MK fatalities, which would add even more of a “do five or ten times and forget about it” appeal to them.

Again though, I know many will disagree with me on that and if you happen to love these moves, then more power to ya, really. :grin:


Probably an even worse opinion on these than on Ultimates. I honestly don’t get why so many people that seem gung ho on the idea of keeping KI dark and sinister and foreboding and what not are also inclined to have Humiliations, which are basically ridiculous MK friendship type moves.

I don’t personally see the appeal, but I also don’t mean to jump down OP’s throat for suggesting it, as it’s definitely something that’s been debated and requested and what not. Again, if this is something you really want, then cool, more power to ya.

Ultra combos and ultimate are not like fatalities, because they allow you ten end the game sooner than you would otherwise be able to (when you get your opponent in the danger state). I don’t like long ultra combos, I usually interrupt them right away, but it’s a mechanic that’s very useful. Shago’s ultimate is strangely satisfying, though, because it generally means that you steamrolled the other person. I agree with you that I will probably eventually stop doing the ultimate just because I can’t interrupt it once it starts, but honestly, it doesn’t happen very often, so it’s just icing on the cake (and a throwback to the KI of old, which I never played, but I know people care).

Add an omen redesign in there instead of shadow characters and humiliations

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How do you mean by redesign, any thoughts or suggestions?

Will TJ ever get boxing gloves or is MMA here to stay?

A Shadow Combo who actually fights like a boxer and has quick hard-hitting punch moves and no kicks, now that would be a welcome shadow character to me.

But I prefer new dialogue options over Shadow characters, tbh…


I definitely agree that Ultra combos aren’t like fatalities, no doubt. I also agree that one of the functions of Ultimates (ie the ability to end a match early, while your opponent is in the danger state) also separates it from an MK fatality in that specific sense.

I’m more talking about Ultimates in the action of what happens with them. The action itself, aside from what it allows a player to do (which we’ve already agreed separates it from a standard fatality) is a kill move that previously looked similar to MK fatalities.

I feel like some people want Ultimates to look the way they used to in terms of violence factor, and that’s simply not going to happen with this game. So do we want some PG caliber fatalities just so we have another non-ultra move to end a match early with?

I like what Shago does for his ultimate as well, but is it something I need for every character to have? Not really. So if we’re not going to get what we want from a nostalgia factor, and we can already agree that we’ll eventually tire of seeing that same animation over and over again, just as people tend to do with MK fatalities, then I don’t overly see the point of making Ultimates such a huge priority.

Now if they can find a way to create another cool match ender that let’s you defeat your opponent early when they’re on danger the way these types of moves can in KI, something new that I won’t tire of after seeing a few times? Awesome! Bring in on. I’d be 100% in favor of that.

But just bring back a PG version of an old move just because it used to exist in the old games… Well, I don’t hate it (even if that’s how I sound), I just don’t see any need to make that a huge priority and I wouldn’t pick that over a new character or more arenas, but that’s just me.

Give all characters an ultimate would be my vote

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I would like to add an option:

6 Finish The Original KI Roster with Tusk, Kim Wu, Gargos and Eyedol.

And my votes are in this order:


we know that Kim and Tusk are in, but I agree and I think we will see them at some point.

Thanks, yeah. I really want to see an Eyedol vs Gargos match… I remember how they were enemies in the original lore but I always wanted to actually see them fight. The fact that this rivalry went completely unseen makes me want to see it that much more in the new games.

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yeah, those battles would be great imo… we’ll see!

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ultimates and retro stages .

also fix some bugs and improve some animatios , recapture and air counter brakers animations.

In order of importance

But I want fixed S1 retros as my ‘alternative costume’.

I honestly feel like the best use for another commuinty fund would be character specific Dojo. Not only would this help people learn the game with more characters, it would also be (arguably) cheaper than almost anything else. It helps grow the game without breaking the bank. Two birds with one stone.

As good as it sounds on paper, you have to stop and think about who would be doing most of the funding… Probably a lot of people who are already big fans and are good at the game. They might be hesitant about funding something they don’t really need. I think a brand new character (or Eyedol if he isn’t in already) would be best, and then add extended goals.

I like the idea of a fund with multiple goals.

Spinal’s KI2 ship stage remade < Ultimates < Alternative intros and outros < Eyedol

taking a page out of the MKX book, why not do something like the kombat pack 2, you could make certain items available in DLC chunks, so if I want retro outfits, I could buy them individually, or if I want a stage pack, I could buy that. When it comes to the characters a community fund could take care of that. Just a thought.

also I finally had a second at lunch to take a look and found the tutorial on how to make a poll :slight_smile: so I cleaned up the OP.

they might do it for one of the older characters, my guess is on Orchid