Poll: Next KI Community Fund options VOTE

In the interview with Adam Isgreen today, the ideas of another KI Community fund were tossed around, so I figured it would be a good idea to discuss that here with a vote:

  • Ultimates
  • Retro Stages
  • Shadow Characters
  • Alternative Costumes
  • Humiliations

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I would want either Ultimates (1) for every char or Alternative costumes and more accessories (4).

I don’t care for clone chars in fighting games. Leave that ■■■■ to Smash and Street Fighter.

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I don’t think Shadow characters would be good. Mostly because it just ruins the appeal of De Shadow charact Shadow Jago. Even lore wise it just seems like its thrown in outta no where. It actually made sense with Jago I don’t see how it would work with anyone else but Maya who had a dark dagger. Even then I wouldn’t care much for any other Shadow character.

I’d only support Ultimates if they changed it from how it works with Shago. I mean if every character suddenly had an ultimate that could be used as soon as you popped instinct to get confirmed 30% it would severely ruin the game for me. Especially against a character like Kan Ra where I work hard to just get close to the guy and then suddenly he hits me with a move that makes me lose 30% because I was too busy trying to go in. Not only that but if all ultimates are just black backgrounds I would just not want to put money on something that low quality.

I would rather choose Retro Stages or Alt costumes but I think Alt costumes should be something stand alone. Something they should be able to do without a fund. They should just sell costumes as stand alone DLC. Look at my costume thread for ideas. KI Costumes/Skins Thread

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My order from this list is


I just don’t like the idea of shadow characters. It feels lazy, even though Keits would go nuts with their moves and style.

Ultimate’s and Retro’s for me.

Well I would actually like stage ultras for some of the season 1 stages, such as Spinals and Sadiras, added before any of these options ( maybe it could be added to the poll).

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Ultimates first, hands down, nicely animated like Shago’s.

Other than that, more stage ultras, please. In fact, a stage ultra for every stage would be absolutely fantastic.

I don’t much care about lore, so I would also like to see shadow characters. Thunder, Sabrewulf and Cinder could be absolutely awesome.

We need ULTIMATE for whole characters!

This! That’s what I always want retro stages in new KI!

Why we need another shadow character? What about new charcters? They should bring unused Vampire back! I don’t mean try to complains about another shadow, but I think it’s waste characters. We need new and return characters than shadow characters.

That would amazing! But I hope Alternative costumes for free. not dlc

Ummmm… My answer is yes!

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1 ultimate hype would love it :slight_smile:

That’s a hard one, but the most important I would want are Ultimates. And humiliations for laughs plz

Ultimates/Ultimate Combos first and foremost and but of course too for me here :sunglasses: :smile:

nice feedback, everyone, keep it coming!! :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought that was a little weird…

Adam said in his interview, they are open to doing another Community Fund, based on what the community wanted most (whether it be more shadow characters, stages, accessories, colors, etc). then immediately posted a Twitter poll asking which Shadow character we want the most. I hope they don’t infer from this that more Shadow Characters are what we want the most.

IMO, 1 Shadow character and 1 guest character is enough. Since we already know there will be at least 2 guest characters, I’d vote to fund something other than more character copies or guests.

My vote for another Community Fund would go towards more Ultimates, customization options, or stages wayyyyyy before wanting another ‘shadow’ character.

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I’d vote for: 2.Retro(throwback) stages
I really want Ultimates, but I don’t think we need a community fund for that as I’m pretty confident they will be returning regardless. What I’m concerned may not be added and what I would vote for is Stage Ultras for S1 stages. It looks inconsistent that S1 stages don’t have any and it’s a shame too because they would probably be better ones than what we currently have (Spinal’s Kraken, Sadira’s Spider, etc.).

Thunder’s cliff would make an excellent knock-off. Imagine snapping through all those branches on the way down.


Community fund for season 1 stage ultras, more alternate costumes and accessories, plus a new haircut for Jago with no face mask, or just give us a few classic stages from KI 1 OR 2. With complete knock-off compatibility.

35 dollars from everyone should work.

anyone know how to make this post a pin, or sticky?

YES… like Jago’s stage from KI 2