Please tell us this is fake!

I think Adam just posted that as a joke :smirk:

Things we knew and speculation. Nothing changed.

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Oh you’re all going to be so disappointed when it turns out to be true…

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You know I can’t answer it’s real or fake. But I hope this is fake! :frowning:

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I could answer if it was real or fake and provide proof of said fact, but then my post would be removed and I’m sure a lovely member of IG would remind me of how I was “wrong” before. People should just believe what they want, but what I’m saying is don’t be upset if these things turn out to be true…

Am I the only one who wants this to be real? ): Scorpion in KI and Fulgore in MKX (or a KI vs MK) PLZZZZZZZ :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:
I can see the shadow spears/teleports already…
With the way IG handles char design, I’d loveeeeee to see their take on Scorpion.

I’m agree with you. If it’s real, but why they want make another shadow characters beside new character and Eyedol?..

Easy to tell if it’s real or not. If they close this thread: real. If they don’t: fake.


Exactly! That’s why I’m waiting for devs see this!

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Nearly all of this info could be easily thrown together by any KI fan worth his weight in KI gold. :worried:


Developing new characters takes atleast six months.
(Speculation, sounds about right)

General Raam will be shown at Microsoft’s E3 presentation. This
wasn’t a fan based nor IG’s decision but more of Microsoft’s way of
"Promoting Gears 4" As for him being playable there wait and see! And
yes he has his infamous stab as a grapple.
(If true, that’s common sense as Gears is the hotness right now.)

Arbiter and Rash inclusion were talked about since Season 1.
(Common sense, anyone on the forums knew this)

A message to the Perfect Dark fans: As far as a sequel goes there
was a project that was to “reboot” the franchise back to it’s original
roots and to get into the deeper depth of her background like who is
Joanna? Where did she come from? Who she was before Carrington
Institution. I was really pushing for it to hit the market this year. E3
2015- E3 2016 was suppose to be the revival of Rare. Project Sparks
engine was actually meant for a Conker game but it flopped and we just
couldn’t find the right devs considering Sea of Thieves is a big project
for Rare at the time and Microsoft wanted Conker out by spring with
five months into development and we know that would’ve been a hot mess.
Joanna Dark was to be included in KI as a way to generate hype for PD
but instead RAAM was chosen over her as Microsoft felt like she
"Wouldn’t have a big impact as much as RAAM" Skorge was considered at some point.
(There was rumor of a PD reboot and another Conker game a while back, anyone could have speculated this)

Eyedol is NOT in Season 3 unfortunately. The devs were really
against the idea of including him. They labeled him as a “Cheap/Broken
character” that would’ve took too much time to develop whilst trying to
get things out by a certain time frame.
(Anyone who follows the Eyedol debate knows how the devs feel about Eyedol, not hard to speculate)

It’s actually 9 characters this Season.
(Common sense, both previous seasons had nine characters not hard to assume S3 would be the same)

The 2nd New Character will definitely make up for fans who are
disappointed with Eyedol not being included. Expect a teaser in July
(Simple speculation)

. Shadow Orchid is the final character. She was hinted at in Season
2 heavily as her Tiger Spirit is connected with Jago. You’ll see more
of this in Shadow Lords mode and let’s just say Omen has a lot to do
with it too. She’ll replace the “Random Select” as that now will be a
button you press (LB)
(Anyone following the Shadow Characters knows there was a fake teaser of Orchid, not hard to speculate)

Shadow Maya was heavily considered too. Her story had a lot to do
with the Temperance and Vengeance blade that would’ve heavily consumed
her by Omen. Idea was scrapped.
(Maya was suggested in a stream by the devs when talking about a possible community fund II)

Ultimates: We originally intended this for Season 1. There was a
tech demo back when KI3 was being developed for Xbox 360 we had a
finisher for Jago where he gave a quick two hit combo, tosses his
opponent in the air and slices them in half. It was quite gory but devs
were on a timid schedule.
(We already heard about Jago’s old ultimate ages ago)

Shadow Jago’s kickstarter suprised everyone in those 3 days that
it had started. Microsoft and Iron Galaxy are considering another one.
Despite KI being only 20 stages they’re considering Retro Stages,
Costumes/Skins, Guest characters and definitely Ultimates that is highly
requested by 87% of KI fans.
(We already knew they were considering a new fund, they asked us what we wanted up front)

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat was to be included in Season 2. Iron
Galaxy studios is based in Chicago as is NetherRealm Studios so
contacting wouldn’t have been an issue. Ken Lobb and Ed Boon had a talk
some time two years ago about getting Fulgore for Kombat Pack 3. It’s
not a for sure thing as I haven’t heard much of it from neither parties.
I can say there has been talks of a Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct
cross over which might be Xbox, PC, and Steam only.
(We all knew about the fake tweets back and forth about the MK v KI crossover)

Tag Team: As cool as this feature would’ve been it’s not on
Microsoft’s nor IG’s plates at the moment. There were talks however
since S1 were originally Instinct Meter was to be above your Shadow
Meter and the bar above were the Instinct Meter is at now was to be the
other player’s Health Bar. This would’ve boosted KI up to the 4 player +
scheme but canned ultimately. Tag in-Tag out Combos would’ve been
awesome as well as Double Ultras. Here’s hoping it makes it to the
Kickstarter fund.
(Well we all know tag mode isn’t coming, as the new mode is tied to Shadow Lords)

Gargos will have a cinematic intro for Shadow Lords mode. You’ll get a glimpse of it in the trailer.
(Common sense, its is the new story mode after all.)

Expect more KI figures.

Killer Instinct Comics in talks with distributors.
(Common sense, what with the novela thing going on)

KI Complete Soundtrack should release some time by the end of the year or next spring.
(Again common sense)


Please NO. Scorpions moveset is whatever (especially when he disappears from one side and appears at the other side of the screen, it may look flashy when MK was out, but know it’s terrible), and his design is terrible since the beginning of MK.

Curse you and your pragmatic take on a Reddit post!

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The passion of some fans is matched only by the lengths they’ll go to for attention, such as creating these kinds of “secret insider” posts – you can always tell E3 is around the corner when these kinds of things start appearing.

@KevBones10 posting something and daring us to lock a thread because somehow that’s going to prove something is a GREAT way to get yourself a vacation from the forums. You’re warned. :wink:


NO NO NO! Please don’t ban me! I just want to know which it’s fake or real…

I’m very sorry about this. I won’t make thread about leaked again, I promise…

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Scorpion is awful? Put some RESPEK on his name. This must be settled like men…in KI.

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I find it doubtful there’s more than 8 characters this season. I feel like

A) This would’ve been shown in the launch trailer, and

B) The character select screen would look awkward otherwise.

This sucks - we didn’t even get a neat-o fish-monster with this one.

:thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:


Welp, there you go!

Also, pretty sure it’s just a warning. You aren’t gonna get banned.

I know. I didn’t notice his comment “You’re warned” because I was panic out… I don’t want to get ban again like before! :frowning:


No please KI take nothing from MK. Thanks we don’t have the ugly fatalities. MK is adult perspective attention drawing whatever. It is like MK devs do not understand the words game and play mean.

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