Please tell us this is fake!

If it’s real, then I will very disappointed about Shadow character! But why we need get another shadow character, but no Eyedol? I hope this is fake! If it’s fake, why not devs tell us right now? I don’t care if this thread get locked.

@TempusChaoti @CStyles45 @rukizzel Please tell us it’s fake!


Reads like a bunch of BS. Lol.

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Yeaahhhhh…I’d take all of this with a HUGE grain of salt. Too many times have I seen stuff like this only to be proven fake (smash bros ballot anyone?). Guessing only time will tell but so far I’m not buying.

Wait for devs see this and they will tell us it’s fake or real…

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It’s leaks.

Das ist verboten.

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Look, MK characters were never considered for this PG-13 rated game. Maybe if someone made that claim 14 years ago, when there was all of that MK vs DC PG-13 stuff. Not in recent times. Dude is full of crap.

They said stages cost more than characters. Fake confirmed. If I recall properly,characters cost more with stages being 2nd.

I hope both of you are right. But I prefer devs tell us about this…

Honestly, I dought that IG will throw in another shadow character. Shago is unique as he is, and I’d rather see brand new characters be released than more reskins, which would take away from Shago’s uniqueness.

A similar post was put out on the official forums back before season 2 dropped. it turned out to be 100% true regarding which characters are in and out of s2. With these things, it’s just info. The final roster has been decided months ago, but my gut feel is that we’ll look back at this post and see it’ll turn out to be true.

Or it could be fake, it does merely spout out popular community ideas, but I’m 99% sure shorchid will be an official thing by the end if that post says so.

The scorpion drop would have been so ridiculously epic. It’s also ridiculously practically slim since ultimate it’s up to two multimillion dollar IP holders- WB and MS- agreeing to divvy up costs and revenue. Agreeing!!! LMAO if this were 1993 and the dev studios were small then maybe but with all those lawyers and corporate egos involved… pipe dream, I’m sad to say.


No pics or identification?

No proof.

Most of the things said were already said in the past and nothing new or could be heavily inferred from dev posts, and the “wild” stuff is just to make people freak out and get disappointed.

If I have the time, I can probably debunk this super quickly. No def confirmation or denial needed! (If some of this stuff WAS true, I’m sure they wouldn’t tell us anyway…gotta keep SOME surprises!)

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Eyedol is NOT in Season 3 unfortunately. The devs were really against the idea of including him. They labeled him as a “Cheap/Broken character” that would’ve took too much time to develop whilst trying to get things out by a certain time frame. - What? That sounds like a bad excuse since they have the power to make him balanced. Kind of sounds like B.S

It’s actually 9 characters this Season. - Nice

The 2nd New Character will definitely make up for fans who are disappointed with Eyedol not being included. Expect a teaser in July. - I doubt it

Shadow Orchid is the final character. She was hinted at in Season 2 heavily as her Tiger Spirit is connected with Jago. You’ll see more of this in Shadow Lords mode and let’s just say Omen has a lot to do with it too. She’ll replace the “Random Select” as that now will be a button you press (LB) - I hope not :frowning:


This is a load of malarkey. This is mostly stuff we could have all already guessed/known, and a lot of unnecessary background info that doesn’t matter.

If it is true, it will most likely be a coincidence.

Well if I can say one thing about it, it’s that it’s written extremely poorly and the grammar is horrible. If it was written by someone in connection to MS or IG, don’t you think they would be writing at more than a middle school level ? Lol
I’m defintely calling fake on this.


Sounds like a bunch of already available info mixed with obvious popular speculation.

If its true though… Shadow Orchid sounds like the dumbest thing on the Earth. Can’t get Eyedol but hey, another clone character we didn’t want works? Also if true, I don’t see how the final character could possibly make us Eyedol fans happy. I assume its some huge bestial creature or something.

Still don’t believe it, though I expect this thread to get locked due to talking about leaks. Fake or true, both are discouraged so that’ll just feed the flames of assumption and paranoia.


So true. But I’m still wait for devs lock this tread. If they locked this thread, then it’s real! So I will waiting until this thread get lock or not… :confused:

At least it’ll go down in a blaze of glory XD


Also calling Eyedol “cheap/broken” makes no sense as they would completely revamp him, the only way he would be broken is if they MADE him broken, just look at Gargos he is literally nothing like his original design, I don’t think a single move carried over from his old moveset. Plus I don’t see how he would have taken any more time to develop than the other characters would have.

That entire post just reeks of fishy business.


Its all fake. No way would MK ever put a character in KI nor would it fit. Shadow Orchid was a fan art not an actual confirmed character. Raam is a stupid idea even if Microsoft is forcing it Gears 4 is crap. That whole post is junk.

I know. But it’s real…


Ok #KillerInstinct fans, if we do a 2nd community fund and include a shadow character, who should it be?

— Adam Isgreen (@Ishmae1) January 3, 2016