Please stop releasing new character trailers without teasers

Seriously, this is starting to bug some of us including myself. I thought you would break that cycle with the new Mira trailer, but no, history repeats itself. Why is this?

I was very disappointed by Mira’s trailer because of this. If you’re going to release trailers for the last character of each season, that’s one thing. But when you pull stuff like this, it’s a problem not only for your fans but for the game itself. It’s like you don’t care anymore. And that’s gotta stop. What’s so hard about getting it right the first time?

Next time you release a new character trailer, INCLUDE A TEASER AT THE END.

Thank you.

That said, will there be an updated Mira trailer soon with the next character tease?


You want your spoilers and you want them now, I hear you.

I’m sorry… did you even read what you wrote before posting? Them not adding ten to fifteen seconds of pointless “teasing” (you know, since we all already know who’s coming) is an implication of the IG team “not caring”.

The levels of entitled babies here is disgusting.


It’s really not that big of a deal. Tomorrow Mira drops, and probably the tease too.

Think of them as “the Mira trailer”, and “the Mira launch trailer”.

As someone that has worked in the video game industry for 25 years, I can say the logistics of this isn’t always possible. I know people “want” a formula to the hype train, but the reality is the content might not be ready for mainstream eyes. For example, if the milestone design decisions have not been green lit, this could delay their online commitment of a character per month. Maybe some of the mechanics of the character design has been reworked, thus making a tease incompatible for the final design choices.

Im excited to see Gargos and maybe eyedol too, but will have to wait for when they are ready for primetime.



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Dude they want the character to be good and ready before they tease him. I am no game designer, but this stuff takes time. They want the teaser to represent the character to their near final product.


Moved to feedback. Also, let’s stop the flaming.


To be honest, Im usually more excited to hear the theme of the character than seeing the teaser for the next character XD

I only post stuff like “no teaser?” And follow up with a funny picture just for gags. But overall, I’m completly fine if a trailer doesn’t have a teaser :smiley:

But… but… buh… It’s so easy! His opinion is portrayed like it is figurative kindling. I feel like a kid with a magnifying glass in here.

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I don’t mind the trailers without teasers but I do question having a trailer after a showcase or stream with no teaser.

Trailers should come before showcase streams. Showcase kinda defeats the purpose of the trailer. Liked the trailer though. The music is biblical!

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Please don’t stop releasing trailers without the teasers if the next character isn’t quite ready yet. I like seeing the character trailers as early as possible.


I don’t understand why this is such a big deal to some people, especially since we know the next character is Gargos and we have already gotten a good look/tease of him in the S3 launch trailer.

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Wow I admit I like seeing teasers as much as the next person but really? If there are character(s) who trailers I don’t care for I comment and move on. If teaser character(s) are not ready to be shown they are not ready patience goes a long way. To demand that they not show a trailer without a tease seriously? It’s not the end. :ok_hand:

Meh, we already know who the next character is likely to be. He’s going to be another non-canon blight to the game. Whatever.

Hey Guys! I know who the next character is! I’ve seen it.

Gargos! :smile:



What about…him?

We love the teasers too!. Sometimes the character to be teased just isn’t ready in time. Characters take awhile to create, and we don’t want to rush the process.