Please stop releasing new character trailers without teasers


That’s classified…

simply ask yourself; would you rather have no tease and get your trailer or wait another week or two for the trailer and the tease at the same time?

Personally I don’t mind the missing teases, but this topic isn’t really about my opinion now is it?

What are they trying to “pull” exactly? Your leg? Your chain? Im not quite understanding why this is such a big deal? If the teaser isnt ready, then it isnt ready! they are not going to delay the release and trailer of a new character becasue an eight second teaser isnt ready for you and those other 5 ppl that want everything NOW!

Its coming when they have it ready.

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Oh dear. This is why we can’t have nice things…

I always get a kick out of demands like this that don’t take into account anything about the real world, trade offs, the possible versus the practical etc. “Make it so, because I want it this way!” Yeah, good luck with that.

I can tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY possible for MS and IG to implement a policy of no-trailer without a tease. But do you think this policy is worth delaying the launch of Mira for? We all agree that the ideal order of information is:

  1. Tease (at the end of previous characters trailer)
  2. Trailer (with tease of the next character)
  3. Gameplay stream
  4. Release of the character

But if the tease isn’t ready in time for step two, do you want to delay steps 3 and 4 because of it? That’s project management guys, and if you are complaining about the lack of a tease you clearly have zero experience in this area. I think a lot more people would complain about delaying Mira’s release than than this weird OCD complaint about having a gameplay stream before a trailer.

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@BigBadAndy The problem is that they always release a character trailer with a tease at the end all in one release. What’s the point of releasing a character trailer if the teaser at the end isn’t done? Anybody remember that we all had to wait another full week for the Hisako trailer because Cinder’s VFX weren’t done?

That’s where I’m coming from.

But they don’t always do this. There have been multiple occasions where they haven’t done this.

The point of a trailer without a tease is to highlight the character in the trailer. At some point each season we get the last character trailer of the year. It contains no tease because there is no new character.

So, while we all love the idea of a tease at the end of each trailer, I think it’s reaching a bit to say there’s “no point” in releasing a trailer without one.

What is the point of not releasing a character’s trailer when something unrelated to that character isn’t ready? This is the question you should be asking. And the answer is… there isn’t one. We’ve gotten use to trailer with next character’s teaser because IG is amazeballs. However, they prioritize getting the important stuff, the trailer in this case, out period because it just makes more sense… as anyone should be able to point out.

And that point about Hisako’s trailer being delayed for Cinder… come on. Doesn’t that kind of prove how silly your point is? They already delayed once in the past because a teaser wasn’t ready and probably realized how stupid that concept was.

More importantly, why they stopped using the “Welcome” sound when introducing a new character?
Not complaining just thought it was cool.

tbh, I’d prefer to keep the gameplay stream in the ASAP slot they had it in during the latter half of season 2. I don’t understand why the die-hard casuals need a hype cycle to enjoy the ■■■■ video game.

No teaser available yet they talk on Twitter about how they’re getting rekt by him. I guess that’s a teaser in a way lol

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I’m just curious. What is it about them not wanting to show Gargos yet that makes you automatically jump to such a negative conclusion about these people that you don’t even know?

I mean, do you just have this image in your mind of these guys twirling in their swivel chairs for 28 days and then, on the 29th day are like “ugh, guess we have to do another stupid character… Yuck” and then it’s just some half-hearted rush job with no time left for a teaser or ultimates or more stages or some other ad nauseum “WTF IG” thread topic around here?

Honestly, and I’m not being sarcastic here, but don’t you think they give us everything they can as soon as they can? I mean sure, they have a schedule, but when the quality threshold has been met, don’t you think it’d be strange for them to hold something because another unrelated part isn’t ready yet?

I like the teaser part of the trailer too. But not getting it right away, if anything, is just something else to look forward to before we see Gargos in May. Nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t think that’s giving them any type of free pass (not that I think they’d take player tolerance as their cue to slow down anyways).

I think it’s fairly safe to assume given how much content they’re putting together, they probably have to white knuckle it at times just to make the next deadline. That’s a lot of long hours spent designing, coding, balancing, bug crushing and that’s to say nothing of bigger on-going projects like Shadow Lords and whatever else they’ll have this season.

You talk about the proverbial “we” being annoyed by the lack of a teaser when the reality is that it doesn’t take a staunch IG supporter to defend them when the realities of game design are staring anyone in the face that’s willing to see them.

Chances are, a lot of the people working on this game are already pulling ridiculously long hours. At some point, you can’t get blood from a stone. Things might slip here and there and if it’s something like a teaser, I think we can all live with it without having to pull out our biggest, wettest, stereotypical millennialest, “but I want it now”-est teardrops.

If something’s late, I trust it’s something that people are hard at work on and I have their entire body of work on this game to back up my assumption. So I’ll ask again, what’s actually backing up your assumption that they don’t care?

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